Erin Kelly: Jim Kelly's Daughter Shines At 2015 NFL Draft As Her Dad Takes Center Stage

Erin Kelly: Jim Kelly’s Daughter Shines At 2015 NFL Draft As Her Dad Gets Standing Ovation

Jim Kelly provided the most exciting moment of the 2015 NFL Draft, but it may be his daughter, Erin Kelly, who got the most attention.

Kelly, who has battled cancer for several months and just got a clean bill of health after his second bout with the disease, took to the stage to announce the Buffalo Bills’ first pick of the draft, which happened to come in the second round.

The crowd in Chicago gave the NFL legend a standing ovation, a goosebump-inducing moment that far overshadowed the little drama the draft has produced so far.

But while Jim Kelly took center stage at the NFL Draft, it was his daughter that got much of the attention. Erin Kelly has been busy in the last few days, accompanying Jim Kelly to interviews and on the event’s gold carpet. She has also been sharing with fans some highlights of her time in Chicago.

Erin Kelly is already known to Buffalo Bills fans. Over the last several months it was Erin and her mother, Jill Kelly, who gave frequent updates about Jim’s condition and his battle with cancer. The mother and daughter also wrote a book called Kelly Tough, that talked about their faith throughout Jim’s battle with cancer and other family tragedies.

The Kellys’ oldest son, Hunter, was born with a rare disorder known as Krabbe Leukodystrophy. Doctors originally told Jim and his wife that the boy would likely die before his first birthday, but Hunter ended up living to age 8.

Fans watching the 2015 NFL Draft certainly seemed to notice Erin Kelly, with many of them taking to Twitter.

Jim Kelly’s daughter seems to be enjoying the spotlight herself. Both Erin Kelly and her mother Jill have been taking on speaking engagements around Buffalo and Western New York, signing copies of their book and meeting with fans. Judging by the reaction to the NFL Draft appearance, there may be a lot more fans now.

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