New ‘Revenge’ Finale Spoilers Tease Emily Thorne’s Fate

Fans now know that the Revenge finale is the end of it all for the series. ABC revealed that news earlier this week. With the finale titled “Two Graves,” many fans are wondering if Emily Thorne will fit into one of those graves by the end of the series finale.

Entertainment Weekly shared the latest comments made by Sunil Nayar about the finale and Emily Thorne’s fate. The executive producer of the series played coy about the possible death of Emily Thorne.

Someone will die. That much has been revealed already. A previous Inquisitr report revealed one of those deaths with a casting call sheet revealing the person’s identity. However, that same casting call sheet also revealed that Emily and Jack kiss and share a moment as well.

Does this mean that Emily will survive and find her happily ever after with Jack?

Nayar teased a bit about that to Entertainment Weekly.

“It is the end of a journey, but it’s a journey that’s been so darkly taken. How do we want her to feel at the end of this journey, and how do we want the audience to feel about the nature of this journey? Do we want this to be a tale where people think, ‘I should go do that,’ or do we want people to think, ‘I could go do that, but there’s a serious price to be paid by doing it!’? At the end of the day, there’s no getting out of this clean, whether that means you’re dead, deeply wounded or carrying this darkness with you. You’ll see that everybody in the show is affected by the world they’ve gotten themselves into and the darkness that’s hard to pull out.”

Emily and everyone around her has changed during the last four seasons. Everyone has paid a price. Emily lost Aiden and Daniel. She loved both men in her own way, but it was always Jack that she wanted to be with in the end. She just never felt like she deserved him.

ABC did not surprise fans at all with Revenge’s cancellation. It was clear that the story of Emily Thorne was ending in recent weeks. With the death of Victoria Grayson, it was assured that the story was over.

Sunil Nayer spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the series ending, according to Spoiler TV.

“We can officially tell our fans that this will be the end of the story. We’ve been talking to the network and we all just wanted to make sure that we felt very confident. Now that everybody has seen the finale—which is fabulous—everybody understands that as much as we all adore the show, it has hit exactly the mark it needed to to end.”

Emily Vancamp went to her Twitter and shared several messages that thanked the fans of Revenge for their support.

Revenge was a creative series at the start that hit many bumps along the way. Season 3 did bring some back of that Season 1 excitement back to the series, but the return of David Clarke only made it clear from early on during Season 4 that the story had reached a plateau. Many fans wondered where the story could go from his return. Emily had her revenge. Her battle was over.

The series was still a success. Many fans will miss this ABC series. What do you think? Will Emily Thorne die before the end of Revenge?

[Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images]