‘The Walking Dead’s’ Tyrese Goes Into A Tirade On The Subway, Chad L. Coleman Reacts To ‘No, we don’t know that n*****’

The Walking Dead‘s Chad L. Coleman, who played Tyrese on the show, known for his calm demeanor and kind heart, was recorded yelling at individuals on a New York City subway car after one passenger made rude remarks about him. The previously peaceful subway ride became tense when a couple on the train were whispering about whether he was really Tyrese or someone that looked like him. A guy and girl continued to whisper about him, hoping something would happen to verify his identity. However, when the guy said something that completely offended Chad L. Coleman, it set him off.

According to TMZ, Chad L. Coleman’s tirade was coerced by a single phrase spoken just loud enough for him to hear, by the guy on the subway, as he was speaking to the girl he was with.

“No, we don’t know that n*****.”

No one came to Chad’s defense after being called the “N” word, so he came to his own defense.

“Yes! I’m Chad L. Coleman! I’m on The Wire, I’m on The Walking Dead, I’m not trying to play no f—ing games with you! Yes, I’m an actor! You want me on TMZ, record it.”

According to TV Guide, he continued.

“Where is my humanitarian? If you care, f—ing care!”

Coleman continued to yell for nearly four minutes, in a near nonsensical fashion. His rant mentioned “where’s the Humanitarian” multiple times, which was apparently in reference to the issues occurring in Baltimore.

TMZ was able to get in contact with Chad L. Coleman in regards to the tirade, hopeful to determine if his slurred and gruff speech was possibly by alcohol. However, he stated that he was completely sober at the time, and was just fed up at the lack of respect and the insincere use of the “N” word against him.

Coleman is normally down to earth and sensible in real life, similar to Tyrese on The Walking Dead. However, the man on the subway car set him over the top after being so rude and disrespectful to his face. He was sorry for scaring the individuals on the subway car, but felt it needed to be done.

As he yelled at the man and girl, many of the seats around them on the busy subway car emptied as individuals feared for what might happen, and worried for their safety.

[Photo Courtesy: TMZ]