Monika Rostvold

Texas State University Art Student Protests ‘Sexual Objectification’ Of Women’s Bodies, Goes Semi-Nude In Public [Video]

For most people, the general view of activism is gathering in protest while carrying picket signs. However, that method is mundane to an artistic activist because of how they think, how they feel. When they express their displeasure, they do so in ways that the common person would find unique. The Inquisitr reported on one such artist, named Pyotr Pavlensky, who protested the Kremlin by nailing his testicles to the floor of the Red Square. Later on, Pavlensky would protest yet again by sitting nude on a wall while slicing his ear.

Apparently, artists who are also activists see nudity as a form of protest. Now, another artist, who is also a student at Texas State University, is stripping semi-nude to protest the “sexual objectification of women’s bodies.”

According to Daily Mail, Monika Rostvold stripped down to a nude thong and pasties on the steps of the Albert B. Alkek Library at Texas State University. Rostvold, who is pursuing a fine arts degree, said her act of activism was her latest art project protesting the sexual objectification of women’s bodies. It should also be noted that Rostvold also blindfolded her eyes with a ribbon and listened to music with a pair of headphones so she would not see or hear what her fellow university classmates were saying around her.

The artistic act of protest surely got the attention of those around Monika Rostvold, as students actually took pictures and uploaded them to social media. Eventually, pictures made their rounds until more prominent sites — specifically those specializing in current events and women’s interest — took notice.

Not all who saw Monika Rostvold defaulted to taking social media pictures. One student actually tried to put Rostvold’s clothes back on her. Even the campus police came on the scene to see check on the situation, according to IJReview. However, Rostvold was allowed to continue her protest when they saw she wasn’t violating any obscenity laws by covering the parts that mattered. In the end, Monika Rostvold displayed her “art project” for 45 minutes.

After her protest was done, Monika Rostvold went on record with the campus radio station, KTSW. Rostvold provided personal insight, first with what she was trying to express, followed with what she did, then finalizing with how she felt.

“My body is beautiful, natural, this is what it’s supposed to be. I’m trying to take away it being a sex object.

“I was fully clothed when I got there… I recorded myself walking up to the steps and then completely taking my clothes off and then putting the ribbon [blindfold] and putting the headphones on.

“I was there for 45 minutes in total and I was so nervous, I was sweating so bad, my heart was pounding and, like, really crazy.”

Monika Rostvold did go on record to say that if it were legal, she would have gone further stating she would have gone fully nude. Nevertheless, Rostvold feels that the message she was trying to portray came across even though she wasn’t.

[Image via Monika Rostvold’s Twitter]