Coca-Cola Fans Not Impressed With Changes Made To Coca-Cola Bottle Tops

According to the Daily Mail, it seems as though Coca-Cola fans are not impressed with what the company has done to Coca-Cola bottle tops. Many drinkers have been left confused by seeing the red tops on bottles of Coca-Cola.

Many people like being able to tell whether they’re reaching for the “full fat” regular variety by the red lid that used to be on top of the bottle. Since last March, the soft drink company has been putting red tops on Diet Coke, as well. This causes much confusion for fans of Coca-Cola, also known as Coke.

Coke Zero, which is also sugar-free, and the reduced sugar Coke Life varieties also used to have tops with a specific color, in line with the designs of the labels around the middle.

The Coca-Cola Company of Atlanta, Georgia, has made the lids on their drinks red. The aim is to bring all Cokes “together under one brand.”

While some people haven’t paid any attention to the change in the color of Coca-Cola’s top, many fans voiced their opinions on Twitter about their dislike for the new lids on Coca-Cola, according to Capital Bay News.

People speak out about the new color of Coco-Cola bottle top
People speak out about the new color of Coco-Cola bottle tops

Charlie Faloona posted on Twitter, “Why on earth do the new diet coke bottles now have red lids but still a silver wrapper? It doesn’t look right.” Helen Smith added, “Not impressed with the red lids on the diet coke.” Catherine Lightfoot posted, “Is there a reason why diet coke now have red lids?! Utterly confusing!” James Robinson said, “Coke are messing with our heads. Coke Zero used to have black lids. Fat Coke red. Diet coke white. Coke life green.”

A Coca-Cola Great Britain spokesperson explained what happened concerning the red tops.

“We have recently announced we are bringing the four Coca-Cola variants together under one brand to help make our consumers aware of the full choice available to them within the Coca-Cola range.”

Coca-Cola has introduced a new look across all Coca-Cola packaging to give a more consistent look. The new bottles now feature a larger label with the distinctive color and description of the variant clearly displayed, and the new red caps have the Coca-Cola variant clearly labelled on the top.

Have you noticed the red tops on Coca-Cola products? If so, what do you think about the change of color?

[Images via Coca-Cola]