Alyssa Morga commits suicide

12-Year-Old Bisexual Girl Commits Suicide After Being Bullied At School, Mom Claims School Officials Did Nothing To Protect Her

Nearly a month after finding her 12-year-old daughter hanging from the family’s garage, an Iowa mother — Nicole Morgan, a mother of four — finally speaks out, claiming her daughter committed suicide as a result of schoolyard bullies, and school officials did nothing to protect her.

Leaving behind a suicide note that read: “I’m sorry… for everything… I just can’t anymore … I love you ALL Goodbye,” a 7th grader at Southeast Polk Junior High, Alyssa Morgan, 12, committed suicide by hanging herself in the family’s garage on April 3, according to Daily Mail.

“I am the one who found my daughter and the image haunts me every day,” said Nicole.

Her mother believes Alyssa reached her breaking point after receiving a message via text because 20 minutes prior to entering the garage, she seemed fine. However, it has not been confirmed due to the police officials not being able to unlock the girl’s smartphone.

Before Alyssa decided to take her own life, she warned her parents that she was thinking of suicide, and gave hints that she should be hospitalized. After coming clean to her parents and friends about her sexual orientation, bullying at school had gotten worse for the young girl.

“She would say people were calling her names,” her mother said. “All of us told her we don’t care; that it doesn’t bother us and we love her no matter what.”

Nicole found it difficult to believe that teachers and school officials knew nothing about the bullying and name-calling her daughter endured on a daily basis. She went on to say that the school opted to do nothing to protect her daughter against bullying.

“When you have other people telling you that you’re not worthy of anything, or that being bisexual is wrong or somehow disgusting … they’re going to take that into thought.”

An email was sent out on Wednesday by Southeast Polk Superintendent Craig Menozzi stating that he or other staff members could not comment on Alyssa’s case. He stated as follows.

“Things which are outside of the district’s control which cause critical care for young people are referred to the DHS (Iowa Department of Human Services), as we are required to do.”

“When your kid goes to school, it is their responsibility to make sure your kid is safe,” Morgan said. “I don’t feel like they’re doing that.”

Nicole’s son will be entering the 6th grade at Southeast Polk Junior High School and she fears that he, too, will be subjected to bullying, and the school officials will turn the other cheek.

But the School District Associate Principal, Nathan Ballagh, assured parents that changes had been made. They’ve even formed a student group called Stand for the Silent to prevent bullying at the school.

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