Cassandra Naud born with large birthmark on face

Professional Dancer Refuses To Have Large Birthmark Removed From Face: Says It Helps Her Stand Out

A lot of people remove unwanted birthmarks from their bodies, but Cassandra Naud is not one of them. Cassandra, 22, was born with a large birthmark under her right eye. Her parents, Richard and France Naud, were given the option to have the huge, brown birthmark removed when she was a baby, but doctors told them there might be scarring. Even though Cassandra was bullied about the birthmark in school, she is glad today it was not removed, according to People magazine.

“I feel like it’s been such a positive thing in my life. It helps me be more memorable, which is super important in this industry as a performer.”

The professional dancer refused cosmetic surgery and says she is proud of the way she looks. Cassandra, from Alberta, Canada, embraces her individuality. Her birthmark helps her stand out with her unique appearance. She believes it helps her in her profession because she is noticed and remembered.

The Daily Mail reported that the dancer says her birthmark is a huge part of her, and it has never held her back in her career. In fact, it has the opposite effect by making her more memorable.

Because the birthmark is covered in hair, it is difficult to disguise. So, Cassandra just leaves it alone. Cassandra does attract attention when she is out and about. When strangers ask her about the birthmark on her face, she doesn’t shy away. She is confident about who she is and knows it’s natural for people to be curious.

Cassandra studied dance theater at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Los Angeles, California, where she starred in a production of the musical, Cabaret. After graduating in 2014, she continued to stay in Los Angeles, where she now works as a professional dancer. Cassandra recently starred in a promotion for sport’s channel ESPN, which featured Maroon 5 with Adam Levine. Additionally, the professional dancer has worked for Nickelodeon.

Cassandra’s birthmark has not stopped her from finding love. She is currently in a relationship with boyfriend Patrick Cook, 21. They met eight months ago in Los Angeles at an audition for a dancing role. They are inseparable, and he always tells her she’s beautiful. Since Patrick is also a dancer, he and Cassandra have a lot in common.

The professional dancer with the birthmark on her face is an inspiration to those who know her. Cassandra encourages others to love themselves exactly as they are. She says, “People should appreciate their individuality.”

[Photo by Tio Von Hale/People]