10 Year Old Paraguayan Girl Raped By Her Step-Father Denied Life Saving Abortion, Mother Fights To Save Her Daughter

A 10-year-old girl from Paraguay has been refused a life-saving abortion after her step-father raped her. The young girl’s stomach began to grow in size, and her mother was worried for her health. Upon examination, it was discovered that she was 21 weeks pregnant. The mother asked for an abortion, concerned for her daughter’s life. However, the hospital denied the request and ordered the young girl be sent to the Red Cross Hospital, where she could be cared for during the pregnancy. However, the child is now in the custody of her aunts, who will care for her while the family fights for the right to have the life-saving abortion.

According to Cosmopolitan, abortion is illegal in many South American countries. Although Paraguay is one of those countries, it does make exceptions for individuals who are in mortal danger during the pregnancy. There is no solid evidence that the child will die while carrying the child or when she gives birth, therefore the hospital refuses to provide the abortion.

However, Amnesty International has stepped in to assist the family in receiving permission for the abortion, hoping to save the young girl from undeserved torture beyond rape from her step-father.

“Paraguay must step up to its responsibilities under international law. The world is looking to the country’s authorities, asking them to stand by the girl and to provide access to potentially life-saving treatment for this child and the many other girls and women like her.”

According to Metro, the director of the hospital, located in Asuncion, agreed that the young girl was most likely in danger if she were to continue the pregnancy. However, the director would not admit that the situation was life threatening. Therefore, the young girl is being forced to carry her unborn child.

The step-father is currently on the run and cannot be found to face the consequences of raping the young girl. The young girl’s mother was charged with not providing requisite care, and is being charged as an accomplice in her daughter’s rape and sexual abuse, which is why the young girl is currently in the care of her aunts. It is believed that the mother knows the whereabouts of the child’s step-father, thus making her an accomplice in the heinous act.

Originally, the mother was worried that her daughter had a tumor growing in her stomach and was scared for her life. Now, as she sits in police custody, she still fears for her daughter’s life, yet has chosen to also protect her husband.

[Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images]