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‘Once Upon A Time’ Spoilers: Lily And Maleficent Meet And Regina And Robin Hood Deal With Zelena’s News

Emma and Regina’s road trip to track a couple of people down didn’t go according to plan in last week’s Once Upon a Time, and in both cases, they may have found the people they were looking for, but each comes with a major problem.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Emma reunited with Lily in the previous Once Upon a Time episode. Upon realizing that the Lily she knew and Maleficent’s daughter, Lilith, are one in the same, Emma went looking for her, with Regina joining her on the road trip in order to go save Robin Hood from Zelena, posing as Marian, in New York.

When Emma tracks her down, Lily claims that her life is good now, but as Emma and Regina find in her trailer, that’s anything but the truth. In fact, Lily knows everything about Storybrooke, Emma, and her parents, and Emma and Regina manage to catch up to her on her way to Storybrooke. That fight ends with Emma aiming a gun at Lily’s head, with Lily taunting her and threatening her parents and Regina serving as the voice of reason. In the end, Emma decides not to push her away as she did in the past.

That means Lily gets a front row seat to Regina and Robin Hood’s reunion in New York – and to see what happens when Robin refuses to leave even after learning that “Marian” is really Zelena because Zelena is pregnant.

So what does that mean for Regina and Robin Hood’s relationship moving forward on Once Upon a Time? First, Regina is going to have to wrap her head around the fact that her sister is pregnant, as executive producer Eddy Kitsis told ET Online.

“This episode I think really sets up the two hour finale, but it’s also really taking a moment to kind of get into the evil queen’s head – Regina’s head. She is reeling from what Zelena has done to her, and she’s reeling from the idea that Robin Hood has another baby on the way.”

In fact, this weekend’s episode begins with “a real great, nice long scene between Robin and Regina where they get to just get right into it,” Kitsis went on to tease.

This next Once Upon a Time will also see Lily and Maleficent meet, and don’t expect to see Lily forget about her plan to go after the Charmings for what they did to her, as Kitsis previewed for TVLine.

“Lily is going to get charged back up a bit. We’re going to get a little more insight into her and how she feels about herself. … Anger doesn’t go away in one night. … Just because she and Emma had a nice scene on the highway doesn’t mean it’s over.”

In fact, the “Mother” promo below shows Lily and Maleficent meet and Lily ready to get revenge on the Charmings.

Once Upon a Time Season 4 airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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