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‘The Flash’ Final Three Episodes — Beware Spoilers Ahead

The tension on The Flash has ratcheted up several notches since the S.T.A.R. Labs team discovered exactly who Dr. Harrison Wells really is. The finale of the rookie first season is, inevitably, going to deal with what the series has been leading up to since the pilot — a showdown between the Flash and the Reverse Flash.

So with two episodes left before the climax, the question becomes what’s going to happen between now and then?

Next week’s episode, “Grodd Lives,” as the title suggests, will pit Flash and his friends against the psychic, and also psychotic, gorilla. As usual, though, it’s Eobard Thawne (aka Reverse Flash) pulling the strings behind the scenes to try and distract Barry. So what’s Thawne plotting? He’s still holding Eddie, his ancestor, and he still wants to destroy Barry — so whatever it is, it can’t be good.

In what looks like a misguided attempt to find Grodd in the sewers, Joe is taken. That’s not the only thing Barry has to deal with — naturally, Iris wants to have a heart to heart about her recent discovery that he’s been keeping his superhero identity a secret from her and almost no one else.

He’s going to be a busy boy, good thing he’s speedy.

Doesn’t sound like things will slow down at all for the scarlet-suited hero in the penultimate episode, “Rogue Air.”

However, it will be great for fans, as Barry will team up with Arrow and Firestorm against a gallery of metahuman villains working with Reverse Flash — including Captain Cold, Lisa Snart, The Mist, Deathbolt, Peekaboo, The Rainbow Raider, and The Weather Wizard.

News about the final episode of the season is vague, but TVLine talked with Andrew Kreisberg, executive producer of the show, who teased some of what we can expect to see.

“A lot more answers and a lot more clarity about the night that Barry’s mother died — and even more importantly, you’re going to get one of the most powerfully emotional scenes we’ve ever done. It all comes to a head in ways that I think people are expecting, and in ways people couldn’t possibly be expecting.”

Sounds like these final episodes are going to be action-packed and dangerous for the characters and required watching as soon as they hit the air, if you’re a fan.

“Grodd Lives” will air May 5 on the CW at 8 p.m, followed by the penultimate episode, “Rogue Air,” on May 12. “Fast Enough,” the season finale, will drop on May 19. Check out the trailer for next week’s episode and finally see Grodd, up close and personal.

[Image courtesy DC Comics]