YouTube Celebrity Chris Seerveld Edited Himself Into Scenes From ‘Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope,’ Results Are Fantastic

Star Wars hype has become a force upon the internet, spreading its imprint upon everything from Lego to the gossip magazines. Many fans of Star Wars have taken to popular social sites such as YouTube to share their views and theories on the cult classic and its rebirth after Disney has acquired the franchise. However, one YouTuber decided that rather than simply vlog about Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, he would insert himself into various scenes and become part of the action. The result was nothing less than brilliant.

Metro U.K. revealed that Chris Seerveld has always been a fan of the cult classic and wondered how he would react in the same situations that Luke Skywalker experienced.

“As a kid you don’t really think about how a regular person would react in these situations.”

As a result, Seerveld took the time to edit himself into various scenes from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope to share how he would react in Luke’s scenarios. Unilad reported that Seerveld shared scenes with Luke while flying in an X-Wing, as well as holding a conversation with Luke about destroying the Death Star. His insertion into the scenes were amazingly smooth and well thought out.

Most kids dreamed of becoming a Jedi, or even a Sith Lord, at one point in their childhood. Learning to use the force and defeat Darth Vader so the world is saved, becoming a bounty hunter greater than Boba Fett, or racing through the stars like Han Solo, are all situations that many have played out in their youth. Until now, few have had the chance to live out their dreams as Chris Seerveld has. Although there are no plans to recreate the entire movie with himself inserted in, many fans of his work would love to see it happen. One fan, Scott Sasina, suggested that Seerveld put himself into other movies, especially horror.

“This is great! I would love to see more of these types of videos from you! You have a great talent and I know others would like to see you put yourself in more movies and create more IPMI (I Put Myself In) videos! Maybe put yourself in a horror movie scene if you decided to do another! Thanks and well done!”

Seerveld responded that fans should keep an out out for more “IPMI” (I Put Myself In) videos in the future.

[Photo Courtesy: Unilad]