‘GTA Online’: Here Are Some Of The Crazy Things Players Are Doing

GTA Online is a great game mode and could be a completely stand-alone release if Rockstar wanted. Thankfully, the game developer decided to package the online mode with Grand Theft Auto V, giving everyone who purchased the game a chance to forge their own destiny in GTA Online as they see fit. Here are a few of the craziest things players are doing in GTA Online.

Some Weird Roleplay

GTA Online is all about player freedom. In fact, Grand Theft Auto V itself is one of gaming’s greatest sandboxes, giving you absolute liberty to do and play as you see fit. In a game that mirrors and makes fun of our real life social situations, it’s only fitting that players do the same in GTA Online.

In a post on the GTA Online subreddit, one fan is making his online character pretty real. User MobiusOne has decided to role-play as a divorced guy, going so far as to sell his apartment, live in rural San Andreas and be pretty much down on his luck.

“I sold my swank apartment and all of my cars, and let my female character withdraw all the money from the bank. She just sits on it. I’ve been living out of Paleto Bay, drinking alot. My Fugitive could use some upgrades, but I’m just havin’ a hard time picking up the pieces.”

Falling, With Style

Ever wanted to know what would happen if you take an armored Kuruma and drop it from a CargoBob at 6000 feet? Wonder no more. YouTube user Kevin Taylor has answered that question for discerning GTA Online inquirers. Why do something like this you ask? Because you can.

Awkward Plane Landings

Landing a plane in GTA Online is tricky business if you’re not used to it. However, sometimes landings have to happen in some awful places. Or maybe you feel your GTA Online character has had too much to drink at a local bar and needs to go home. Well, thanks to a post on GTAforums, players have been sharing their awkward plane landings, and a few are pretty awesome, including the one below. Others involve landing planes on skyscrapers or even upside-down.

GTA Online Crazy Things Players Are Doing
At least he didn’t get behind a wheel of his car in GTA Online.

Have any awesome or crazy stories in GTA Online you’d like to share? Sound off in the comments below.

[Images via: Rockstar Games, GTAForums]