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Stolen Beehive Weighed 500 Lbs., Lifted From Texas Restaurant

When news of the 500 lb. stolen beehive broke, crack reporters like the ones below asked, “2hy would you steal a 500 lb. beehive?”

Why, indeed? Well, honey, of course, one might imagine. The question posed about the beehive is the first asked in the clip, in which local news examines the incident of the stolen beehive and its 5,000 buzzy little occupants. The beehive was lifted from the Houston-area Haven restaurant, a brazen theft occurring over the weekend in the wee hours of the morning when all the bees were probably resting in their bee-holes, dreaming of supplying the joint with lots of delicious, local honey for their dishes.

Another local news source says that the stolen beehive didn’t just house any bees- these were basically pet bees, that Haven restaurant had raised from mere buzzlings to honey producing dynamos:

“These bees aren’t just any ol’ bugs. The restaurant started the hive from scratch and watched the bees grow into adulthood. They pollenate the restaurant’s garden and make actual honey that the restaurant uses.”

More troublingly, the stolen beehive caper seems to have been carried off by experienced bee-nappers, who executed the theft under what the restaurant believes are conditions that only an experienced beekeeper would know to look out for- essentially, time of day and weather were such that the bees would have been sluggish and in ideal bee mindsets for transport.

Owner Randy Evans said that in addition to his bees, the stolen beehive has put him out $1,000 in bee-raising costs. And also, he lamented “waiting anxiously to taste the honey.”

What do you think the motivation was behind the stolen beehive?