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Tom Joyner Morning Show Cancelled, But Not Gone

Tom Joyner Morning Show

The syndicated “Tom Joyner Morning Show” is being taken off the air at V103, Chicago’s WVAZ-FM 102.7, the station has announced. It will be replaced with “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” starting next week.

Tom Joyner Fired

Tom Joyner’s 13-year run with V103 ends next Tuesday. “The Steve Harvey Morning Show,” currently aired on WGCI-FM 107.5, will be simulcast on both stations through the end of March, Clear Channel tells Chicago-area media outlets. After that point, a replacement program is expected to be named for the timeslot in WGCI.

The V103 program director described Tom Joyner as “great partner” with the station, “making it difficult to part ways.” He did not provide a reason for the decision.

“The Steve Harvey Morning Show” has been on WGCI since 2007. Harvey, interestingly, has replaced Joyner before, too: He took over for him at WGCI as on on-air personality in 1996, the Chicago Tribune reports.

What’s Next for Tom Joyner

Tom Joyner isn’t giving up his gig altogether. The host writes on his blog that his radio program will still be produced and available online. The following is Joyner’s statement in response to the cancellation:

“We always say that when we come back from vacation something big has either happened or is about to happen. Well, this one topped them all. After 16 years, the Tom Joyner Morning Show won’t be broadcast on a local Chicago radio station at this time.

For Sybil and me, our relationship with the Chicago radio listeners goes back more than 20 years and believe me it has not ended by any stretch of the imagination. Friends and family in the Chicago market will continue to listen to the Party with a Purpose every morning on So this isn’t the end, it’s just a change, so please pass this e-mail along to them.

Even though we’re heard in more than 100 markets around the country, Chicago is home, it’s the Mother Ship, the Flagship, all those words that mean it is the place that launched the TJMS. It’s where we came from and where we always could go back to. And we’re still there, just in a different way-for now!

We’ve had great times in Chicago and we’ll be there soon to officially thank the thousands and thousands of you who made us what we are, and will be here with us as we take this to another level. We got where we are by knowing who you are, what you want and by Super Serving our audience, just like my mentor John H. Johnson taught me to do.

This world is changing, but doing the right thing never does, and we will continue to do what we’ve always done for the African American Community.


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34 Responses to “Tom Joyner Morning Show Cancelled, But Not Gone”

  1. Ambra Beach

    I am saddened and disappointed with the cancellation of the TJMS. This is the wake-up call for thousands of people in Chicago. I echo the sentiment of so many when I say TJ has been “family” in Chicago for 20 years. What's next, the firing of Herb Kent? There are certainly things that we can be proud of in Chicago and TJ was certainly one of them. I have programmed my car and house radio for another channel in the morning. So many have. It will remain that way until the return of the TJMS.

  2. A Smith

    I was SHOCKED to say the least! After I had come to really enjoy the show over the years and enjoied ALLLLLL of the personalities. I think this is a GREAT DIS_SERVICE! I understand corporate but then again I don't!. You get used to knowing things are going to MAKE YOUR DAY as you laugh riding to work each day! Let this be said Loud and Clear!!!!! WE WANT TOM JOYNER MORNING SHOW BACK ON THE AIR IN CHICAGO!!!!!!!

  3. MzRoxy

    It was devastating for Tom Joyner to leave but it was even more devastating to hear old corney, and arogant Steve Harvey on two channels. I'll juss play my CD's. Tom, Sybil, Jay and Huggy Lowdown make Steve Harvey look like a r troll doll in comparison.

  4. momorris1

    I will truly miss listening to the tom joyner morning show on my ride home from work. Huggy low down, jay anthony brown and sybil has been apart of my morning for several years. I am such a creature of habit and this will be such a difficult transition for me. I miss you guys already. sincerely, one of your loyal listerners.

  5. sheilasmiley

    I was truly devastated this morning when my radio woke me with no Tom Joyner and crew to listen to. I have a been a listener for years and will miss the TJMS. I am not a fan of Steve Harvey's radio show and will not become one. I'm sure someone thinks that a good decision has been made and that we will just change over to Steve Harvey. In the poll I have taken today no one is going to listen to him.

  6. Deborah

    Frankly, I believe the cancellation of the Tom Joyner Show in Chicago is a joke. Every year, Tom does something to shock people, and remember, we are only one week away from April Fool's day. Tom, you got me. I turned on my radio this morning, and I heard some ignorant person talking ( it was not Steve) and I thought ihad the wrong station. I clicked and clicked, thinking that my radio was malfunctioning. When I got to my car, I heard Steve Harvey and his crew. There was no explanation for the change, and no goodbye from Tom. I find it hard to believe, that a change of this magnitude, would be handled this way. To V103 Management: If this isn't a joke, you have loss a huge number of listeners and that's definitely not a joke! I'll check back in a week, to see if Tom is back. In the meantime, I will listen to WVON.

  7. Cynthia

    Well if this is real then it's been really good having Tom, Sybil, Jay and the rest of the crew to listen to every morning No matter what happens where ever you go Tom all of your listners will follow no matter what. I am not really a big fan of steve h. but i do respect him as a person my thing with harvey is he can't be the personality that u are and he don't have the skills that you have i don't think he will ever be able to fill your shoes in the years to come. But hey I know you Tom you are all ready a successful man, u have a beautiful wife @ your side and you have tons of people to support u no matter what u do and i am one of them, plus don't 4 get about the Tom Joyner Show. Truthfully speaking i believe deep down inside Tom will be back he won't be gone long i know he will.

  8. qtna4x4

    As everyone has stated I too was shocked to find out that Tom will is not on the air. I heard it on V103 and they said that Steve was on in the morning I thought I was hearing things. Then I turned on the radio this morning and I was shocked. I have woke up with TJMS for years and I can not belive that they have taken him off without no warning. Steve is not funny at all to me. I k now that he is one of the kings of comedy but he will NEVER replace Tom on the radio. I will not listen to him and I will tell all of my friends to not listen. I am very sad about this I need my TJMS in the morning. Oh one more thing I was late today trying to find TJMS.



  10. Dorothea Graham

    I live in Atlanta, Ga and I can't believe that Chicago would replace Tom Joyner's morning show with that lame, corny and “not-very-funny-at-all” Steve Harvey show. I attempted to listen to that show when I was working in a job where I could not recieve KISS 104.1 FM on the radio (nor the computer), and simply did not see anything comical about the program. I refuse to waste my time.
    I really feel the lost for the listeners in Chicago who don't have a computer and have no other resource to listen to TJMS.
    Keep HOPE alive Chicago!!!

  11. Doris

    I cannot believe that the TJMS is off the air in Chicago. This truely is an injustice. I looked forward to that show every morning. I will not listen to v103 again.
    Doris, Chicago

  12. Dr. C

    I think the way Clear channel handle this was disgraceful, thoughtless and inconsiderate. While we see it all about the numbers, did they every consider the audience? The so call decision makers didn't appear to have this move change planned or well thought out. While I appreciate Steve Harvey's talents, to just drop him on both station like the Majority black audience is redunant and have no sense of variety is offensive and again speak to the fact that there was no plan. Basically what they did was open the opportunity to seek another radio station not own/operated by clear channel and pass the rating to them.

  13. Christen

    Apparently they think all Black folks are alike and like the same thing with no sense of diverstiy. TJMS has a different caliber audience and diifferent focuses. To be “clear channel communications” you all get a F in communication. This more was not done effectively or efficiently, I Applaud the TJMS for taking the high road because “clear channel” clearly did not!!!

  14. Darrell Thomas

    Clear Channel you are making a huge mistake I hope this is a April fool's joke. Because i'm one of those people who's over 40 that doesn't drink coffee. When you remove Tom,Sybil,and Jay from Chicago morning radio you're taking away my of java.

  15. Gail

    I am very disappointed that I wil not be able to listen to TJMS daily on my way to work. I would look forward to it everyday. I like Harvey but he is no competition for TJMS. I now listen to my gospel CD's on the way to work. I wiil not listen to V-103 until he is back on. I can't even call my friends in other states and discuss, laugh, etc. about things that happened/said on show. TJMS is a great show for all ages. My teenage daughter couldn't wait to listen
    as I dropped her off at school. BRING IT BACK!!

  16. jazzyknk

    I thought my radio was off station as I kept switching the channel search for Tom and the crew. I am very disappointed with the decision to remove Tom and staff from the morning show.
    The morning show will no longer be the same without Tom.
    I wish Steve all the best, but I will no longer listen to V103 morning show.

  17. letter2V

    Oh no, say it isn't so!!!! Tom Joyner's show will be missed, it was one of a kind on the radio. I rarely listened to any other station, but this one was my favorite. I will continue to support him online. Much love to TJ and Sybil!!!!

  18. ms l

    Well I do believe we are all on the same page. I can't knock anyone's hustle, however the TJMS and Tom have been a fixture on Chicago radio as long as I can remember and to have the show replaced without so much as an announcement or warning to his listeners is a slap in the face! I suggest we all listen to other stations ( I HAVE) and figure out a way to make our opinions count. Online petitions and flooding the radio station with letters and/or emails will get some attention. Is it that serious? Yes….I do believe so. We should have the right to voice our opinions and listen to what we want to listen to on our way to work or while at work and frankly speaking, Steve makes me slightly ill in the morning.

  19. Darlene

    Tom, we are going to miss you and the staff. My husband, family and friends are upset.

  20. Lay in CHI

    Hello everyone. I'm hopin g this is an April Fools prank! If this is not a prank, someone at Clear Channel/WVAZ is smoking some high tech stuff!! Heck, Chicago did not want him back when he was on WGCI back in the late 90's. He is not funny, and never has been! He's a King of Comedy, but Martin Lawrence Eddie Murphy, Bruce Bruce, Lavell Crawford etc……….. could have been a better choice as a King of Comedy. DL, Bernie Mac and Ced threw down!!! Thats comedy!!!! I'm going to truly miss Tom and crew!! I will never listen to V103 unless Tom is back!! If he's not on as of April 2, then I will believe that its not a joke. In the mean time I listen to Trey the Choklat Jock on 92.3. I would switch back and forth from Tom to Trey in the morning, for now it's totally Trey!! Steve Harvey is annoying, don't they know that!!!!! Those characters border on ignorant BIG KUNTRY!!!! Tom is the voice of the Black Community. We can not rely on mainstream news to hear about things that affect us as a community. TOM Joyner is CHI TOWN!! Remember WJPC am ??????

  21. Jataun

    I am very irate about the change in V103s change in morning show programming for to a mediocre replacement for someone who isn’t about anything, but himself. I literally want to tear the knob off my car radio and listen to NPR all day and I will. Tom Joyner has done so much for the African American community. Steve Harvey has always postured himself in the public talking about making “the money.”
    I am a 38 yr old female who feels 92.3 is too young and doesn’t suit my interest and most topics my 9 yr old can't listen to at all. Steve Harvey I never liked and radio is not his forte. These individuals cannot do what Tom has done. Steve Harvey’s humor is dry and not funny to me—at all. Tom, Sybil, especially Cheryl and Jay Anthony Brown have had me laughing out loud for years and started my day out right.
    I’m disappointed and cant help but wonder why they would pull TJMS out of a market like Chicago. This is very reminiscent of when Doug B. was pulled off the air before only to resurface again.

  22. Deborah

    I was truly disappointed to hear a different person on the radio when I tuned in on Wednesday. Tom, Sybil and Jay I hope all he requests for you to come back will let the company know how much we love you and enjoy your show. I hope you'll be encouraged that we love listening to you and hope that you retrieve your spot on the air. Your ability to “keep it real” and speak with intelligence are awesome features.

  23. Terri

    I am extremely disappointed in the cancellation of TJMS and my morning drive has not been the same! There are some “business decisions” that simply don't make sense – the TJMS has been a fixture on Chicago radio for years and as the expression goes, “if it ain't broke, don't fix it” V103 has lost several listeners in my household!

  24. Susan

    V103 has lost a loyal listener! No reason to push the button in my truck for that station every week day morning.

    Herb Kent will be the only reason to even have that station programmed into my receiver.

  25. Kikki Washington

    I woke this morning to Cocoa brother ,,, what the hayell, Tom no longer in Dallas -Ft Worth thank God I have internet radio I found him in NC.

  26. Anita Johnson

    Oh I wondered what happen because I wanted to hear what they had to say about Whitney and Monday, Tuesday I tried getting them but couldn't. Thanks for the information.

  27. Bishop Melvin Walker

    Kiss 101.9 is not the same in New Bern, NC without Tom and the crew. Steve is alright but he's not Tom. Now I've got to sit in front of my computer to hear the crew. But then that's what happens when you speak truth to power, they find a way to get you and with a smile on their faces they say," we were a good fit but we wanted to try something different." Yea, right. I'm just saying……

  28. Lisa Carroll

    I certainly agree with you Bishop Walker. I was devastated when I tuned into 101.9 and no more Tom Joyner. I guess that was their way of shutting him up!!!!!!

  29. Rita Butler

    I luv Tom and his crew with all the bad stuff going on I listen to get a laugh at all the funny things to help get me through an otherwise depressing stressful day I listened on 93.9 Alex. La.

  30. June Burley

    I am a true Tom Joyner, Sybil and Jay fan. I will follow them wherever they go. They will be on Black-America Web online first….then hopefully he will get a spot with xm or serius radio. Nobody can bring it like these guys can. Laughter, laughter, laughter."real news, commentary, and more.

  31. Omar Hossin

    It is still on in St. Louis. I think Sybil laughed inappropriately at the wrong time when nothing was funny. All of his flunkies laughed because they were afraid of being fired.