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Steve Harvey Heads To Chicago For New Daytime Talk Show

Steve Harvey will be bringing his comedic style to daytime TV. Harvey, one of the “Original Kings of Comedy” and current host of “Family Feud,” will host an hour long nationally syndicated daytime TV Talk show for NBC.

The show, according to Harvey, will bring a male viewpoint to daytime television. It will also bring the funny. Harvey said:

“There’s not a lot of male viewpoint on daytime TV. I’ve got kids. I have a wife. I think that’s a unique perspective. Above all else, there’s nobody in daytime TV that can beat me at the funny thing – except Ellen DeGeneres. She’s my girl. I love her. Other than Ellen, I think I’m the guy who’s gonna put more funny on television.”

The Chicago Suntimes reports that Harvey looked at Atlanta, Connecticut, and New York to film his new show but ultimately decided on Chicago. Harvey, who started his career on the radio in Chicago, said:

“But Chicago was my favorite pick. It’s such a great city… The restaurants are great. The neighborhoods are great. The downtown is probably one of the best downtowns there is. If I’ve got to take my family somewhere, I’ll take them there.”

In an interview with the Suntimes, Harvey said that his show won’t rely on celebrity guests. Harvey said that the “Steve Harvey” will be driven by real people. Harvey said:

“This show is going to be “real people” driven. I’ve been hosting “Family Feud” for almost 400 episodes. Not one single family has canceled. Celebrities cancel all the time… Celebrities don’t come on TV to be very open about anything. They come on to promote stuff. I want a show that’s going to inspire people and uplift people.”

Are you a fan of Steve Harvey? Will you be watching his new show?