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New Steve Jobs Doll Emerges. Will Benefit American Cancer Society If Apple Doesn’t Sue

Remember a few months ago when a life-like Steve Jobs doll was announced and then quickly disposed of after Apple threatened to sue the doll’s manufacturer In Icons. Now we have a new Steve Jobs doll on the market and this one is less real looking but a whole lot more cuddly.

Named the iCEO, the plush doll was launched on Wednesday by pillow company Throwboy.

The pillow doll stands 15 inches tall and features removable rimless glasses, a black turtle neck and 100% denim jeans.

If you want to get your hands on the doll it can be pre-ordered for $60 with only 1,200 of the collector edition dollars being sold. Throwboy has also limited purchases to two per person.

The item will begin shipping in August 2012.

Speaking to Mashable the dolls designer Roberto Hoyos said:

“I’ve wanted to design something like this for about 2 years … It really comes from a place of love and it’s took a lot of hard work to get to a design that I was proud of. It was also my way to give back to someone that had a great impact on my life. 10% of the proceeds from each doll goes to the American Cancer Society.”

Throwboy believes its new creation won’t run into the same issues suffered by In Icon although it’s not clear at this point if Apple has been informed about the doll.

In any case attacking a toy that bears a resemblance to Steve Jobs when part of the proceeds will go to fight cancer would seem a bit foolish on Apple’s part.

Do you plan on buying threw Steve Jobs Throwboy doll?

Steve Jobs Doll