Rudy Giuliani Blames Democrats For Baltimore Riots

Rudy Giuliani Points Out Uncomfortable Truth About Baltimore Riots, And No One Can Respond

Rudy Giuliani, “America’s mayor” who led the city through the 9/11 attacks that toppled the Twin Towers, has just made an uncomfortable statement that his political opponents are having trouble responding to.

Giuliani was speaking with Fox News about the Baltimore riots, which mirror the turmoil of New York City throughout the 1970s and ’80s.

Using his own tenure as an example, Rudy Giuliani said he would have done the following to prevent the Baltimore riots?

“The first person to throw a rock would have gotten arrested. The next one would have gotten arrested. The first one that tried to burn something would have been arrested. If I’d have needed 2,000 more cops, I would have woke them up in the middle of the night to be there. Here was the rule … you don’t get to riot in my city.”

Shortly before Giuliani took office, there were two major riots in a four-year period. During his eight years, there were none.

His tenure as NYC Mayor has long been heralded from both sides of the aisle as a textbook example of bipartisan leadership, and it’s also given him the street cred to discuss Baltimore’s missteps.

His tone: one of disgust.

“It was amazing to listen to the elected politicians complain about the unfair conditions in Baltimore when it’s been a Democratic city for 40 years,” Giuliani said. “With one Democratic mayor after another.”

The actual count has been 47 years, so closer to five decades.

“But let’s face it, they’re right,” added Rudy Giuliani. “That neighborhood has not been revived the way Harlem has been revived, the way Brooklyn, the way neighborhoods in New York City have been revived — which I, by the way, started.”

“They have the responsibility … ‘unfavorable conditions’ … for all but about four years out of the last 40, it’s been a Democratic governor, a total Democratic legislature, Democratic city, with extremely left-wing policies.”

Here’s more from the Fox News clip.

Some of the commenters with liberal ideologies on Mediaite were mostly speechless when it came to answering Giuliani’s claims, though one tried.

“Red Herring. A dodgy argument… The bigger, more salient, question is: what does Conservative policy do to elevate poorer communities? The answer is: nothing. Republican policy favors rich people and ignores the working poor, period.”

Most of the commentary, however, sounded more like this.

“So 47 years of total democrat control has nothing to do with it…. Oh and btw we have had 7 years of Obama, is Bmore no better off despite Dem control in DC, state and city.”

Another pointed out that if a system of police brutality was to blame, “then why have generations of liberal, Democrat leaders been unable to fix it? Why does no process exist so that a majority of citizens including the black community trust to be open and transparent. It’s all on the people who run the city and the voters who elect them.”

Do you think Rudy Giuliani has a point that Democrats are to blame for the Baltimore riots? Sound off in the comments section.

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