‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers Tease Derek’s Good-Bye And ‘Catastrophic’ Finale

Grey’s Anatomy fans are still trying to cope with the loss of Derek Shepherd. Many fans are outraged over the death of the character that has been part of the show’s center since the beginning. Thursday’s night episode will allow the fans and the people that knew him best to say good-bye. The special two-hour episode of Grey’s Anatomy will deal with Meredith telling everyone he died and Derek’s funeral.

ABC shared the first sneak peek for Thursday’s episode on the Official Grey’s Anatomy Facebook on Tuesday morning. The sneak peek features Owen and Amelia. He comes into one of the prep rooms for an operating room to find Callie and Stephanie with Amelia. With a shake of her head, Callie tells Owen that Amelia does not know that Derek is dead. He asks for the room to speak with her.

From there on, Amelia realizes that something is very wrong. Owen is not even allowed to tell her Derek died because she knows that someone died just by looking at his face. He has “the look,” after all. The clip ends with Owen telling her Derek died.

Amelia, who is played by Caterina Scorsone, joined Grey’s Anatomy this season. Her character started on the series as a guest star before becoming a major player on Private Practice for the entire run of that series. Shonda Rhimes definitely felt like Amelia had more story to tell. Fans will see how the death of Derek will affect her on the episodes to come.

As for the funeral of Derek Shepherd, many fans expected to see some familiar faces returning to the series to say good-bye and give Meredith moral support. Sandra Oh is the most recent departure from the series, and E! Online reported on Tuesday that she will not return for the funeral episode.

There is no mention of a possible return of Kate Walsh, either. She played Addison Shepherd on both Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. Addison and Derek were still married when Grey’s Anatomy began. After the pair tried to make their marriage work, Derek finally chose Meredith.

The E! Online teaser also shared a spoiler for the finale as well, and fans should prepare themselves for more chaos.

“ABC is now teasing that there will be an ‘unfathomable’ and ‘catastrophic’ ‘crisis’ that will rock the hospital and the doct…. I literally cannot even finish typing this sentence.”

That does not sound good at all. Fans should be prepared for anything on the finale.

As for Meredith’s journey, it will continue. According to a previous Inquisitr report, Ellen Pompeo broke her silence on Monday. She sent out a tweet to her followers that spoke about the series.

“There are so many people out there who have suffered tremendous loss and tragedy. Husbands and wives of soldiers, victims of senseless violence and parents who have lost children. People who get up each day and do what feels like is the impossible. So it it for these people and in the spirit of resilience I am honored And excited to tell the story of how Meredith goes on in the face of what feels like the impossible. I hope you will all join me on her journey.”

What do you think? Are you ready to see Meredith without Derek on Grey’s Anatomy?

[Photo: ABC]