Cannabis Creamery in California is serving THC-enhanced "Cold Stoned" ice cream

‘Cold Stoned’ Ice Cream The New Height In Edibles

An ice cream shop in California, where marijuana is legal, is now serving THC-enhanced “Cold Stoned” ice cream, the Huffington Post is reporting. The Cannabis Creamery in California is serving up this new ice cream that satisfies and gets one stoned all at the same time.

Cannabis Creamery, based in California, is an ice cream factory that makes pot head dreams come true. Abdullah Saeed of the Vice Munchies show Bong Appetit spent the day with Cannabis Creamery founder Isaac Lappert, and got incredibly stoned with the help of some award-winning mint chip, an over-the-top banana split, and a bear claw ice cream sandwich. Plus many joints,” the Huffington Post reported.

Cannabis users in the past have smoked various form of the weed as well as baking pot brownies and other edible forms. Adding the substance to ice cream is a new form of edibles for those who wish to get stoned from THC while eating something.

Establishments like Cannabis Creamery can be expected to pop up around the landscape as marijuana is legalized in more states, and its popularity gains more mainstream popular acceptance. Once socially unaccepted, consumption of marijuana seems to be gaining more popular acceptance, as alcohol used gained more acceptance after prohibition ended.

Critics say marijuana is a “gateway” drug, and users who might find the “high” from pot is not enough are expected to try more “harder” drugs to get an even more extreme high. This theory has been debated extensively among those for and against legalization of recreational use of drugs like marijuana and other illegal drugs.

There are many other ways to make edible cannabis, Refinery29 reports. As the edible usage of cannabis gets more popular, there are more recipes being created.

“Everyone is buzzing about pot today, and there’s a fairly good chance that some people you pass on the street will be stoned. In the event that you live in a weed-legal state, we wanted to offer some out-of-the-box ideas for how to enjoy this ‘holiday’ — namely, with weed edibles. The key to cooking with pot is cannabutter, which you’ll find a recipe for below. But, before we jump into that, I feel compelled to share a story about myself. Actually, I guess it’s more of a cautionary tale,” Refinery29 reported.

Edibles are finding their way into places not expected, as well, places where the Cold-Stoned ice cream is not likely to be found. Denver police have warned parents that edible marijuana candy might find it’s way into children’s Halloween candy, the Inquisitr reported.

“Pot-infused candy in the hands (or mouths) of people who aren’t prepared for it is no laughing matter. At least two people were unknowingly given pot-laced candy at a ‘Pot Pavilion’ at the Denver Fair last summer, and were treated in emergency rooms, according to this Inquisitr report (here’s a hint: if you’re at a ‘Pot Pavilion’ and someone gives you candy, odds are good there’s pot in it). And USA Today reports at least 70 cases, as of this post, of parents calling poison control lines after their children got into (the parents’) edibles,” the Inquisitr reported.

From cold-stoned ice cream to pot candy, the appetite for getting stoned while eating munchies will only increase as customers demand more of this.

[Photo of Cold-Stoned ice cream from the Huffington Post]