Did Whitney Bischoff Skip Chris Soules’ ‘DWTS’ Performance?

Whitney Bischoff, Chris Soules’ final pick on The Bachelor, has been a big support over the past couple of weeks. After announcing their engagement on national television after months of hiding out in Iowa, Soules was asked to compete on Dancing with the Stars. Since then, Soules has been spending his days practicing his dancing skills with dance partner, Witney Carson.

Many reports have surfaced that Whitney Bischoff is jealous of the time he spends with Witney, but he hasn’t spoken out about it. Instead, he has posted a few pictures of himself and Bischoff on social media. But during last night’s performance, Whitney was missing in the audience and rumors quickly surfaced that things had gone sour between them.

According to a new Instagram post, Whitney Bischoff didn’t tweet during the performance when Chris was performing. Soules got enough votes to keep going, but Bischoff wasn’t there to support him. Instead, she was in a different state and shared what she was doing on Instagram.

“Chris Soules did such a great job tonight (Plus) Back to A Parent IVF to work on some exciting projects (plus) Heading to my hometown for Unbridled Eve and the Kentucky Derby (plus) Picking up my Lillie girl (equals) one happy, but busy lady and the worlds longest Insta post!” Whitney Bischoff revealed on Instagram, sharing a picture where she is hiding her face.

As for Chris, he is focusing on Dancing with the Stars.

Of course, Whitney Bischoff does have a life outside of her Dancing with the Stars appearances, so it isn’t too surprising that she wasn’t there. But it is odd that Whitney is being so vague about his appearance. She simply said that he did a great job, and then hid her face. If they did indeed break up, Bischoff could simply been dodging the drama with a neutral comment. And her followers are hoping for the best.

“I hope you and Chris are still together!!” one of Whitney Bischoff’s followers wrote, while another added, “You are absolutely a stunning person inside and out! I wish you nothing but happiness wherever and with whomever because of the grace you have shown through out this entire process. I love how you stay true to yourself and continue with the life you had before.”

There have been rumors that Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff have called off their wedding plans, simply because it is tough for them to be together with Soules being in the public eye so much. And according to the Inquisitr, Chris doesn’t make it easy. He went to a concert over the weekend and hung out with Witney Carson. Maybe Whitney Bischoff was hurt that she wasn’t the one invited to the show and the red carpet appearance.

What do you think of Whitney Bischoff dodging the Dancing with the Stars appearance?

[Image via Instagram]