Kayla Mooney arrested for having sex with student

Science Teacher, 24, Busted For Having Sex With Student After Complaining To School The Boy’s Girlfriend Was Harassing Her

A 24-year-old high school science teacher, Kayla Mooney, of Danbury, Connecticut, was recently busted for having sex with a student after complaining to school officials about being harassed by her male student’s girlfriend, according to Daily Mail.

Mooney — who taught chemistry and physics at Danbury High School — went to her school administrator earlier this year and complained about her male student’s girlfriend, claiming she was being harassed by the girl. The school conducted an investigation, which lasted seven weeks.

During the investigation, they discovered evidence that Mooney had been in a sexual relationship with the high school student during her first year of teaching, which explains why the boy’s girlfriend would harass her.

There was an arrest warrant following the investigators findings, and Mooney turned herself into police once she uncovered there was a warrant for her arrest.

She was arrested at the police station, and charged with second-degree sexual assault and distributing alcohol to a minor on March 31.

The following month, the school placed her on a paid administrative leave.

Once the high school teacher was arrested for having sex with one of her students, the superintendent, Sal Pascarella, sent a message to all parents the following day.

“We are all very disappointed that this has happened to one of our faculty members. Obviously, there is a whole process we have to go through with this investigation. At this point, these are allegations.”

Danbury police interviewed the high school student — whose name has not been released — and he admitted to having a sexual relationship with the science teacher during her first year at the school.

Emails between Mooney and her male student were found by police, and it confirms that there was a student-teacher sexual relationship.

“As a parent, it is something we need to be concerned about,” said Gail Williams, whose child attends Danbury High School. “But I have confidence in the school that they will handle it, that they will behave appropriately, that they will keep parents informed and I hope they will put measures in place to make sure this doesn’t happen going forward.”

“It shows a lapse in judgment, and that is the part that concerns me the most, because adults are supposed to lead by example.”

After Mooney’s arrest, she was released based on a promise that she would appear in court April 14. Mooney appeared in court Monday at Danbury superior court, but her arraignment was postponed due to her attorney requesting “evidence from prosecutors.”

[Image courtesy of David Schott/Flickr]