Viral Ghost Boots Photo: Odd Appearance In Japanese Vacation Photo Has People Talking

A ghost boots photo is now going viral and making headlines on the Internet. The photo was taken by a man almost a year ago, and he noticed the ghostly image after he had the photos developed. A friend posted the photo on Reddit several months ago, but for some reason, it is going viral only now.

According to News Oxy, Martin Springall, originally from Toronto, took the photo of his daughter in the town of Zushi last July. He was living and working near Tokyo, Japan at the time, and he was hoping to send his wife a photo.

He did not notice the ghostly image in the photograph until after it was developed. He spoke about the ghostly image with the media.

“I took a series of them. It wasn’t until I was checking them later in the evening that I just happened to notice the boots behind her in that one shot. I showed my wife immediately. She was considerably more upset by it than I was, to be honest. I just kind of obsessed over that one photo for a couple of hours that evening and then tried to forget about it. I really don’t like dwelling on stuff like this, to be honest – it freaks me out. I certainly would have noticed someone standing behind her in one of the shots. She likely wouldn’t even have posed for the picture in that case, because she’s incredibly shy.”

The photo is now causing some serious debate and speculation. Some believe the photo is a hoax or a reflection. The reaction to the photo is something that Springall understands. He would react the same way.

“I have no idea what the boots are, where they come from or what they could represent. All I can tell you is that I totally get the cynicism … If I saw that online I would view it exactly the same way. I can assure you, though, that it was just the two of us in the area and the photo is 100% untouched.”

Is the photo real? Many comments on the original Reddit post are skeptical of the photo, but some do believe the man captured a ghostly figure. The identity of the person wearing the ghostly boots could be a samurai. The image was taken near a samurai graveyard.

However, the boots could also belong to a long dead member of the U.S. Navy. One person offered their theory after seeing the photo.

“If this is real (and OP is not a troll) this is amazing. My grandfather was in the pacific theater (Okinawa Japan) in WWII and I recognize what the man in the background is wearing. Its a US Navy Uniform from WWII. This is the classic dungarees and blue cotton shirt–which is exactly what you see in the photo. See the sleeve of his uniform right under where her arm meets her dress? Its a perfect color match. The boots look right to me, although I can’t see if they are the [standard issue double-buckle boots] But they look right. Zushi was were MacArthur had his headquarters. It was a hub of US operations in WWII.”

Brian Publicover is the friend that posted the photo to Reddit, and he hoping someone can help them shed some light and figure out what is in the photo with the little girl, according to Mail Online.

“I hope someone can put this through some sort of image-analysis software. We aren’t trying to pull some sort of scam here. We’re just saying ‘we can’t explain this, and it’s a bit unsettling.'”

The little girl was not at all frightened by the ghostly image in the photo behind her. In fact, she told her father it was a “not a scary ghost — a nice one.”

This is not the only photo with a ghostly image going viral this week. According to a Inquisitr report shared earlier this week, the image of a ghostly man was found in the photo shared by a newlywed couple. The image was taken on their wedding day, and it was only after the photo was shared on their Facebook page that someone noticed the evil face behind them.

What do you think of the ghostly boots in the photo taken by Springall? Is it a trick of the lighting? On the other hand, do you think this photo is real?

[Photo: Wikimedia]