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Beyoncé’s Dad Says Star Will ‘Never’ Judge On ‘X Factor’

Beyoncé as a judge on The X Factor? We can forget about it, according to the singer’s father and former manager.

Matthew Knowles told Brit rag The Sunday Mirror that his daughter will “never” judge a TV talent show. His claims come hot on the heels of reports that Beyoncé was in talks to join Simon Cowell’s musical monstrosity, which famously struggled to meet expectations in its first season.

Recent, totally ri-donk-u-lous speculation suggested the star had been offered $500 million to appear as a full-time judge on the show. Other rumors suggested the ‘Single Ladies’ singer demanded too much money. Both of those can’t be true!

Yet Matthew Knowles insists his daughter would never have considered taking such a job, as she has personally told him a career as a TV talent judge fails to interest her. He told The Sunday Mirror:

“It would never happen as Beyoncé would never do that. There are a few things that she would never do and that is one. It’s not for her.”

So if not Beyoncé, then who? The show needs big ratings after the relative disappointment of the first season, and it seems creator Cowell is out for the biggest names going.

In the past few weeks alone, we’ve had rumors of Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne and Janet Jackson all being approached. Jackson seems the most likely following her coy remarks in an Anderson Cooper interview, and would be a good like-for-like replacement for the outgoing Paula Abdul: a middle-aged experienced, sassy performer with plenty of industry contacts under her belt.

Who do you think should be drafted in to save The X Factor, and would you be more likely to watch if Beyoncé was the one dishing out empty platitudes to the sadly deluded souls who frequent the show?

Oh, and here’s Beyoncé appearing on the other side of the X Factor judge’s table, duetting with Alexandra Burke in 2010: