lindsay lohan redhead again

Lindsay Lohan is a Redhead Again

Remember when Lindsay Lohan was a redhead? Me either! But there she is (left) in 2006, looking quite the pink-cheeked, auburn-haired Hollywood hopeful.

For the last few years, the actress has switched almost permanently to platinum blonde, a look that jarred with her dark eyebrows and freckled complexion. So welcome back to Gingersville, Lindsay.

The 25-year-old has returned to her roots, revealing a new dye job and extensions shortly after her well-received Saturday Night Live performance of a week ago.

Lindsay’s new ‘do (which is officially ‘copper,’ so not her completely natural color) is supposedly all part of her plan for a comeback. Lohan’s colorist, Tracey Cunningham, told Us Weekly:

“She’s been telling me for months that she wanted to go back to red, but she was just waiting for the right time.”

Lohan has never been shy of experimenting with her hair – as well as her natural red hues and the platinum look, she has also rocked various shades of brown and straight-up black before now. Yet her platinum thatch was in place for years, coinciding with the roughest period of her career.

Another insider told Us Weekly that the actress is suddenly super-conscious of her appearance, remarking:

“Lindsay is worried about losing her looks, she has a lot riding on this comeback.”

Do you buy the idea that a new hair color can miraculously rescue a career, or is Lindsay eternally bound to being a target of media sniggering? And which do you think suits her more – red or blonde? Red all the way for us.