Marie Colvin: Funeral for the Slain Reporter to be Held on Monday

Marie Colvin, a respected journalist from New York who was killed when reporting on the ongoing conflict in Syria, will reportedly be laid to rest Monday in Long Island, NY.

Colvin’s body arrived in the United States earlier this week thanks to the efforts of the International Committee of the Red Cross along with the help of the U.S. State Department and European diplomats.

Friends and family of Colvin reportedly attended a viewing for the slain journalist on Saturday evening. Another viewing is scheduled for Sunday between 7 and 9 p.m., and Colvin’s funeral is set to be held on Monday at the Church of Saint Dominic in Oyster Bay.

Colvin, 56, was killed on February 22 when reporting for the Sunday Times of London on the oppressive Assad Regime when the building she was occupying at the time was struck by a targeted mortar attack by the Syrian army. She was scheduled to leave Syria the next day.

Only a few hours before Colvin was killed, the reporter sent her final dispatch to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who she told that the Syrian army was shelling “a city of cold, starving civilians.” She continued: “It’s a complete and utter lie that they are only going after terrorists. There are no military targets here.”

“We never get the choice of how we die, but Marie died doing something she was completely passionate about,” John Witherow, editor for the Sunday Times, said of Colvin’s death. “She was in one of the most dangerous situations in the world at this current time and she just wanted to tell the truth.”

Colvin is survived by two brothers, two sisters, and her mother.