Jonah Hill Returns to ‘Saturday Night Live’ Tonight

Jonah Hill is set to host Saturday Night Live this weekend for the second time in a few years, and he’ll be joined by musical guest The Shins for his return to NBC’s live sketch comedy.

Hill, co-star of 21 Jump Street, previously hosted Saturday Night Live back in 2008. In an interview with Access Hollywood, the star said that he was absolutely excited to return to the SNL stage, but he’s hoping to avoid a “sophomore slump”.

“You just try not to fall on your face,” Hill joked in the interview. “I think I did pretty well the first time, but now it’s [the] sophomore slump. Got to get over the sophomore slump.”

Ahead of Hill’s return to SNL later tonight, NBC released a set of goofy promo videos. The footage has Hill joined by Bill Hader, both lounging about in a control room as Hader quizzes Hill on his Jump Street knowledge, and more.

You can check out Access Hollywood’s interview with Jonah Hill directly below, and the promo video for tonight’s show from NBC directly below that.

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Are you looking forward to Jonah Hill’s return to Saturday Night Live tonight?