‘Batman V Superman’ Costumes: A Closer Look At Batman, Superman, And Wonder Woman

The Batman v Superman costumes have finally been revealed in more detail, and we now have a closer look at Batman (Ben Affleck), Superman (Henry Cavill), and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) thanks to a new video featuring the Batmobile.

Despite the fiasco suffered by Warner Bros. when the first full-length trailer was leaked online last Thursday, the studio seems to be recovering a bit by sharing more interesting tidbits with anxious fans. Those who would go to any lengths to take a first peak at the much awaited Batman v Superman trailer were excited to see the poor-quality clip that hit YouTube and other social media sites.

Those of us who have more patience were finally rewarded on Friday afternoon, when a clearly frustrated director Zack Snyder shared the official version of the trailer via Twitter, a few days earlier than originally planned.

Now that we have had some time to take several looks at the new trailer and after the release of a video featuring the Batmobile, starring Los Angeles Clippers DeAndre Jordan, we can see the Batman v Superman costumes in more detail. First, Henry Cavill will be wearing a similar costume to the one he wore for Man of Steel, however, this time the blue spandex looks a little more “weathered” to show the passage of time and experience perhaps.

Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman

Second, Ben Affleck’s costume is sick. Forget anything we have seen Batman wear in the past — this is unlike anything any of the other films starring the Dark Knight have presented to viewers. Affleck will not only conceal his true identity behind the cowl, but the Batsuit appears to be an armored costume, which could explain more logically how a mere human (with some supernatural powers) can stand a chance against the alien from Krypton.

Batman v Superman costumes

The new Batman v Superman costumes also reveal a more colorful Wonder Woman outfit than the one we saw when Snyder first shared a photo on his favorite social media site, Twitter. It looks like Gal Gadot will somewhat match Cavill’s costume.

Batman v Superman costumes

Another thing that jumps out when you look at the Batman v Superman costumes is the difference in size between Batman and Superman. Sure Henry Cavill is 6’1″, but Ben Affleck is even bigger, coming in at 6’5″ tall and looks massive for this role. All the Batman images come courtesy of Bleacher Report.

Batman v Superman costumes

We all know how hard Henry Cavill trained to play Superman in Man of Steel, and it seems like Ben Affleck had to do the same to buff up to fit in his Batman v Superman costume. Additionally, both actors had to follow a strict dietary regimen while filming this past summer and fall.

What do you think about the new Batman v Superman costumes?

[Image via Warner Bros.]