Can Deanna Johnson Survive To The Top 8?

‘The Voice’ Top 10: Can Deanna Johnson Survive Another Week? [Opinion]

Last week on The Voice saw an improbable save when Georgia native Deanna Johnson survived over fellow contestants Brian Johnson and Mia Z. It’s easy to argue that the better singers went home. However, as I commented in the immediate aftermath of the shocking Voice elimination, perhaps that result will have a positive, long-lasting result for Deanna as a person.

I’ve honestly given up on The Voice producing a mega star, so I’m looking for other positive takeaways.

This week, we finally delve into the Top 10 on The Voice. This is important because it’s usually at this point that the front-runners really distance themselves from the rest of the competition. At the same time, it’s easiest to determine which singers are the least popular with the Voice audience and most likely to go home.

Predictions have already emerged for this week even though the show has yet to go live. It should be of little surprise that Deanna Johnson is already widely predicted to leave The Voice competition this week. But is that a fair assumption?

Consider the week before when Deanna Johnson was voted into the Top 12 by America. The very next week, she was in danger of going home. There are a few factors at play. First, the popularity of other contestants on The Voice versus her own. Also, the reception to her performance. Finally, we can’t forget that heartfelt plea by Voice coach Adam Levine.

Deanna Johnson struggles with confidence, and it impacts her singing. That issue is more than simple nerves; she has to realize that people like her and want her to succeed. Hopefully, this message was clear enough to the young Voice hopeful after she survived elimination.

Many singers (some of whom are objectively better than Johnson) do not get such a wonderful second chance. But winning the Voice, as I’ve said before, isn’t merely about being the best singer. While I don’t think Deanna will win it all, it’s possible that Adam’s speech could stick with voting members of the Voice audience beyond last week.

Because the voting system allows the audience to throw their support behind as many contestants as they want, an improved performance over last week could earn her more votes this week. Enough, perhaps, to stay in the competition. However, to avoid the dreaded Bottom 3, she would have to hope that three other Voice contestants perform far worse than she did. In the Bottom 3, she’d have to do her best while others struggled.

Personally, I don’t see Deanna surviving another week, especially if there is a backlash in response to her surviving to the Top 10. But stranger things have happened. Singer Ryan Sill survived for weeks longer than he should have during Season 7. You never truly know what’s in the mind of the Voice voting audience until the results are read.

Do you think Deanna Johnson will survive to the Voice Top 8?

[Image Credit: The Voice YouTube]