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Feds Take $60,000 From Mystic Pizza Owners

John Zelepos, George Zelepos, and Christos Zelepos, the owners of Mystic Pizza, have had more than $60,000 taken out of their bank account by the U.S. Treasury Department.

The Associated Press reports that the money was seized from a joint bank account after a criminal investigation by the IRS. Officials did not disclosed details of the investigation and did not say why the money was seized from the Mystic Pizza owners.

Details of the seizure are sketchy but the Daily Mail reports that $63,084.49 was taken out of the Zelepos family’s Chelsea Groton Bank in January. The seizure was made public this week when the legal notice was published in a local paper.

The Zelepos family owns Mystic Pizza as well as Mystic Pizza II and the Mystic Pizza Food Company. The original Mystic Pizza was opened in Connecticut in 1973. It quickly became a local favorite and became a household name around the country when a movie of the same name was released in 1988.

“Mystic Pizza,” which starred Julia Roberts, centered around three teenage waitresses at a pizza parlour. The movie was Roberts’ first big financial hit as it went to take in $12 million at the box office, which was more than double its budget.

Here’s the trailer for “Mystic Pizza.”