Shooting At University Of Pittsburgh Leaves Several Injured

Police are currently searching for the person responsible for the shooting at the University of Pittsburgh. Shots were fired at a psychiatric clinic at Pitt this afternoon. Police are not sure if it was one or multiple gunmen and did not say how many people were injured.

The Associated Press reports that at least five people were shot, including a Pitt police officer. Early reports also said that police were searching for two shooters, while some media reports note that one gunman had already been shot.

The Post-Gazette reports that two people were killed in the shooting. The Post-Gazette writes:

“Two people are dead, including a person who began shooting inside Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic… At least five additional people have been shot.”

The Pitt campus is relatively empty since most students are on Spring break. The offices and buildings on campus are currently on lock down. Carlow, a neighboring private school was also locked down as a precaution.

The shooting occurred at the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic at Pitt which is affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. The clinic describes itself as a top academic-based psychiatric care center.

A SWAT team is on the scene as police investigate reports of a second shooter and a possible hostage situation.