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Kendall Jenner Topless: Kendall’s Top 5 Shirtless Photo Shoots

Kendall Jenner made headlines when she posed topless inside the May issue of GQ magazine. The 19-year-old model also graced the cover of the men’s magazine in a white string bikini with cutouts. For some reason, Kendall has been making headlines all week because of her revealing photo shoot. This isn’t the model’s first time posing topless. After all, she even posed nude on the Marc Jacobs show at New York Fashion Week. Take a look back at the top 5 moments when Kendall Jenner has posed topless for fashion magazines.

Jenner first made headlines earlier this year when she posed topless and bared larger breasts for LOVE magazine. Perez Hilton noted that the model wore prosthetic breasts in this photo shoot. Jenner posed with the large set of breasts designed by Tinsley Studios. Her topless photo shoot was shot by photographer Steven Klein for LOVE magazine’s upcoming Spring issue.

Kendall not only posed topless, but she also posed nude in a photo shoot for photographer Russell James. Reality TV Magazine reported that there was mixed reactions about her nude photo shoot. Some fans have said that it’s only natural to pose nude for her modeling career. Others feel that Kendall’s following too closely behind Kim Kardashian’s footsteps.

The model even had to defend one of her topless photo shoots. Kendall Jenner’s topless cover for LOVE magazine has made a lot of fans feel uncomfortable since she was 18 years old at the time. Jenner says that doing the photo shoot was “not weird in any way.” She added that posing topless for the magazine was more about “energy and vibes and good music” rather than having to pose naked in front of strange men. The magazine cover showed Jenner wearing just a furry hat with the headline, American Girl.

Kendall also posed topless for Interview magazine when she was just 18. The model wanted the world to know that she was no longer a little girl. The photo shoot featured some tame photos of Kendall, while others show her in a series of topless photos. The black-and-white imagery adds some class and sophistication to the photo shoot. In one photo, Kendall covers her breasts as she looks off into the distance. In another photo, the topless model reclines back in a chair wearing nothing but black leather shorts and black cutout booties.

Kendall Jenner first shared a black-and-white photo of herself wearing a sheer black shirt that exposed her nipples. Some fans thought it was the sexiest photo she’s ever taken. The photo was taken by photographer Russel James, who also posted a color version of Jenner’s topless photo on his Instagram account. The Huffington Post also reported that she posed topless as a mermaid when she was just 17 at the time.

Kendall obviously has no problem with showing off her body. She also knows that it comes with the modeling territory. The model also showed off some of her sexiest moves for the camera as she stripped down in her GQ photo shoot. What are your thoughts on Kendall Jenner’s topless photo shoots? Do you think it deserves to create headlines?

[Image: Kendall Jenner via Instagram]