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Dollar Shave Club: The Best Ad You’ll See This Year [Video]

The Dollar Shave Club understands that the core to building a consumer driven business these days relies on gimmicky ad spots that appear hip and funny for its core audeince. Taking what appears to be a note from the Old Spice Guy the company created a new commercial that’s quirky, pokes fun at the competition and tells guys exactly why they need to join the club.

As the commercial explains, if you’re sick and tired of paying $19.99 per month for razors and you don’t need a vibrating razor with a flashlight and other quirky add-ons built in then you need to try their razors.

Is the product any good? The company’s founder proclaims in the ad “are the blades any good? No…our blades are “F*%king great.”

The ad went live on Tuesday and has since went viral thanks to Mike’s work. We wouldn’t call what Michael Dubin is doing a fluke either, he use to work with comedy troup Upright Citizens Brigade and he says the company has already managed to ship out blades to a user base of more than 5,000 people.

If you’re interested in saving money the Dollar Shave club offers five double blades for $1/month (plus shipping/handling), 4 quad-blades for $6 per month and 3 “Executive ” six blade systems for $9 per month.

Not only do you receive multiple blades, they throw in shipping and handling on the 4 and 6 blade systems.

The online commercial has already received more than 1.5 million pageviews on YouTube, not bad for a company just starting out while attempting to compete with the likes of Gillette and Schick.

Here’s the ad spot:

Do you plan to join Dollar Shave Club? I’m in the process of signing up at this very moment.