Two parrots

Cries Of ‘Help! Fire!’ Cause Confusion, Lead To Rescue Of Two Parrots

While most people may think parrots merely mimic what we say, two parrots caught up in a 2-alarm structure fire were rescued safely after yelling, “Help!” and “Fire!”

According to KBOI2, the incident happened just west of Duff Lane on Highway 44, outside Middleton in Idaho Friday night when emergency crews were called out to a structure fire in Canyon County. Noises and cries for help had been heard coming from the building and firefighters believed there were several people inside, urgently requiring rescue.

Firefighters immediately began to fight the flames, and once the blaze was under control, they discovered that there were no people inside the building and that the cries for help were coming from two parrots, coming up with just the right words for the situation.

According to the firefighters, the two parrots very clearly said “Help!” and “Fire!” Once the rescue crews had removed the two parrots from the house, they gave them oxygen and according to vets who then treated the birds, they appeared to be healthy and in no danger.

The Mirror Online reported that no one was at home besides the two parrots, so there were no injuries of a human nature involved in the fire, the cause of which is still under investigation. At the time of writing, authorities are still trying to contact the owner of both the structure and the two parrots.

Two parrots
Not the parrots in the story.

The Inquisitr recently reported on another strange story involving a parrot. Reportedly, that bird had a yearning for some coffee while its owner was driving and caused a fairly serious car crash. The parrot’s owner was injured but the bird itself was absolutely fine.

It definitely seems that the birds are in no way bird brains, with two parrots yelling for their own rescue in a fire and yet another having a liking for a peck or two of caffeine.

Any parrot owners reading this article, have your feathered friends ever come out with just the right words at the appropriate time? Let us know in the comment section below.

[Image: Not the parrots involved in the story CC BY-SA 2.0 Wayne Sutherland]