President Obama Pitches Movie to Harvey Weinstein, He Passes

President Obama better hope that he wins the 2012 election because his backup job as a Hollywood book scout probably isn’t going to pan out. The President recently pitched a movie to Harvey Weinstein and the Oscar winning producer wasn’t impressed.

Weinstein said:

“The president sent me a book the other day and said ‘Why don’t you make this into a movie?’ It was a spy novel.”

Unfortunately, Weinstein turned down the movie. Weinstein didn’t say what book the president pitched, but he did say that the president “was the most over qualified book scout I’ve ever had.”

And Obama isn’t the only president paying attention to Weinstein. The producer, who was largely responsible for getting the Oscar winning “The Artist” a wide audience, was recently made a member of the French Legion of Honour.

Weinstein said that he was humbled to be honored by French president Nicolas Sarkozy and the people of France, and promised that “The Artist” was just the first of many foreign films to win the Best Picture award.

Weinstein said in a statement:

“I am honored and humbled by this recognition from President Sarkozy and the people of France. All my life, I have loved and been inspired by French cinema, and as a studio head it has been my pride and joy to have the ability to bring movies to audiences around the world…. I am still the young boy who walked to the cinema in Flushing, New York to see films by the greats – Lelouch, Godard, Renoir and my personal favourite, François Truffaut. They inspired me and led me to the place I am in today.”

Weinstein said that “The Artist,” which was made by a French director and starred a large French cast, was an Oscar breakthrough and that a foreign film would soon win the best picture.

Weinstein said:

“We’ll break that barrier too. Whether it’s me or somebody else. This is a step in the right direction.”

Do you think President Obama has a future in Hollywood?