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Louise Neathway, Accused Brian Cashman Stalker, Due in Court Today

Louise Neathway, a woman charged with extorting $6,000 from New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman, may be about to find out what a grand jury thinks of the case.

Neathway, who also goes by Louise Meanwell, is scheduled to appear in a Manhattan court today to learn whether she’s been indicted. Her lawyer didn’t immediately return a call this week.

Among other things, Cashman’s lawyers say Neathway was “a serial stalker” out to extort him, bombarding him with text messages and calls during the past 10 months.She alleged tried to blackmail him into paying for an unspecified $15,000 medical treatment, threatening to contact the press and his family if he didn’t.

According a NBC New York, Neathway is being held on $300,000 bond on grand larceny, stalking and other charges. She denies allegations of threatening to damage Cashman’s reputation to get him to pay her.

Neathway, a British native, has a history of arrests on similar charges. A Manhattan judge last month reinstated one of those cases, a 2010 harassment allegation. It had been on track to be dismissed if she avoided rearrest.

For more information Louise Meanwell (Neathway) and the Brian Cashman stalking case, watch the video below:

via NBC