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Disney recycles cartoon scenes: here’s the proof


Ever sit through a Disney movie and think that some parts of it seemed familiar? Well it turns out it’s not all in your head, because Disney recycles cartoon scenes. No the identical shots naturally, but character movement and interaction. Here’s the proof:

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5 Responses to “Disney recycles cartoon scenes: here’s the proof”

  1. mj

    Um, there was a lot more in common than that – every gesture, every camera movement, every angle, was identical. Except for the beatyandthebeast/cinderella dance comparison near the end, which, I agree just had similar choreographies. But you'd have to be blind not to see the exact replication in the other comparisons.

  2. Ryan

    This has been pretty well known for a while. Even I noticed some of these when I was 5. But it really isn't that frequent. Especially with the newer Disney stuff.

  3. Howard Cruse

    A very nicely put-together demo. I remember many years back when some noticed that group kitten actions in Aristocats were recycled from group puppy actions in 101 Dalmatians, but I never realized it happened frequently enough to assemble a clip of examples like this one.

  4. Andy

    I think what's happening here more likely is a common live action reference, rather than pure re-use. More egregious to me is how obviously rotoscoped it all is.

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