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Taylor Swift In A Bikini. You’re Welcome. [Pic]


Taylor Swift showed off her 22-year-old body on Thursday when she was caught in a tiny bikini in Australia during a break from her Speak Now concert tour. [SEE PICS HERE]

Swift was caught on camera as she splashed around at Cottesloe beach in Perth where she showed off her petite physique in a black-and-white retro bathing suit with a white halter top and a pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses.

Shown barefoot in the sand with her hair in a ponytail she deserves some relaxing downtime after her movie The Lorax debuted this weekend with a take of $70.7 million, far outpacing analysts expectations.

After relaxing in the surf with several friends Taylor put on a flirty sundress and headed out, perhaps to meet up once again with NFL quarterback Tim Tebow for whom she has been spotted hanging out with over the last week.

Swift has said she wouldn’t mind fitting some acting into her career when time permits, with a successful showing this weekend for her voice work in The Lorax that might be a possibility sooner rather than later.

Swift recently told MTV:

“Acting is something I’ve been fascinated by my entire life. I would want to have the time, the ability and the love for something, the love for a character to where I could really make that commitment to it.”

In the meantime she’ll continue to play her songs to sold out crowds around the world in a concert tour that continues to prove time and time again that touring acts won’t falter if done right.

Do you think Taylor Swift would make a good actress given her voice performance in The Lorax?

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59 Responses to “Taylor Swift In A Bikini. You’re Welcome. [Pic]”

  1. Ashley Haynes Smith

    You gave me no reason to say "Thank You." Did you photo shop her chest out?

  2. Jmark Ma

    she looks like a skinny little white girl with no curves. sorry; no thank you.

  3. Jackie Paduhleeno

    umm…she's not fat at all, actually. you must be a lonely loser wtih no life if you even remotely give a shit that taylor swift is wearing a bikini. put down the video game controller, get a job, and move out of your mom's basement before you start posting rude shit to people you don't know. you're such a troll that you don't even have a real profile picture. move on, loser.

  4. Brittney Milligan

    Rich TowMater – Hm, well judging by your profile pic, you are apparently an overweight redneck who spends most of his time on the internet pleasuring himself by looking at pictures such as these. Check yourself first, buddy.

  5. Sharron Whipple

    doesn't even look like her……BTW, there were tornadoes in the US and I really couldn't care less where Taylor spent her time or what she's wearing…boring.

  6. Rich TowMater

    Brittney Milligan : far from it dude , i get more ass that a toilet seat ….. i dont need the Net . but ur funny and i respect that . lmao . are we done slandering one another ??

  7. Karen Hoerner

    Tim Tebow is in Montana this week… having lunch with a men's group and then visiting several local schools talking to kids around the state. Excitement of him coming to Montana has been forthcoming.

  8. Linda Williams-Simmons

    If this is a picture of her-what's the big deal. Calling her too skinny is uncalled for. She's a 22 year old young woman and some people are just thin. She's an entertainer. She has a nice voice. And what she does in her private life is nobodies business. If she does the acting bit and she's good, she'll probably succeed at that to.

  9. Michelle Clark

    She's a little skinny, but that's her body type. She's a cutie, and I love her to death…but on the fence about her acting ability. I've only seen her in Valentine's Day, and I'm not sure that role was that big a stretch. Haven't seen the Lorax yet, but anything she does successfully makes me happy.

  10. Noreen Burkett

    Swift has said she wouldn’t mine fitting some acting into her career when time permits.
    Seriously…"wouldn't mine"?

  11. Gwendolyn Walker

    I think she looks ok..I have seen them thinner like Angelia,, Brat Pit's other half, Now that chick really needs some chicken wings and a side of fries.And this new chick on the new show GCB , Don't know who she is but SOMEBODY PLEASE GIVE HER A TRAY OF FOOD!

  12. Michael Thornbrough

    Thanks for nothing! lol there's nothing to see there, except the body of a 12 year old boy. #skin&bones

  13. Lara Ryan

    Out of the 16 pictures that came out of Taylor Swift in a bikini, do you really have to pick the LEAST flattering one? Other pictures in the set are pretty/sexier and you can really her curves.

  14. Michael Thornbrough

    at that age what difference does it really make?

  15. Michael Thornbrough

    I mean Im not looking at any 12 year old in a sexual way haha

  16. Mark Angeles

    Taylor Swift is a beautiful woman. Don't worry about the weight (or lack thereof) — time will eventually take care of that! For now, please allow her be young and naturally thin!

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