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Brooke Mueller’s Alleged Victim Speaks Out

Brooke Mueller Mugshot

It appears that Brooke Mueller will be dodging prison time after being charged with felony possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute, and the woman Mueller allegedly assaulted during the whole ordeal is none too pleased.

Back in December, Mueller was arrested on cocaine charges as well as a misdemeanor 3rd degree assault charge. Mueller was charged with allegedly assaulting Liana Little, who says she bumped into Brooke at a night club. After a heated exchange of words, Mueller allegedly hit Little in the back.

Speaking to TMZ, Little said that she was “furious” about the situation, and that she feels that Brooke should face jail time not only for the cocaine charges, but also for assaulting her.

Mueller’s lawyer is reportedly in the process of hammering out a plea bargain for Mueller, and confinement is apparently not on the table. Instead, Mueller will likely only be faced with a few months of community service and required drug education classes, after which point her charges will be fully dismissed.

Mueller’s next court date is scheduled for April 2, when the judge is expeted to hand down her sentence.

Do you think that Brooke Mueller got off too easy?

Source: TMZ

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9 Responses to “Brooke Mueller’s Alleged Victim Speaks Out”

  1. Laurie Merrigan

    UMMM YEAH! she should be behind bars the trashy junkie pos. who's watching the kids?

  2. Ibrahim Khan

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  3. Tammy Hope

    I'm not surprised at all, it sends the wroung message.She hit someone and had drugs on her.If I had done either one of those I'd still be in jail! Its not right.If the girl wants her to get jail time, Muellur should get jail.I'm tired of "hollywood" getting away with this kind of stuff.

  4. Robin Ford

    Yes much too easy. If I got popped with all that coke there is no doubt I would be in prison.

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