Mario Balotelli

Soccer Player Visits Strip Club, Could Receive $400,000 Team Fine

Italian striker Mario Balotelli was handed down a potential $400,000 team fine this week after he was spotted at a local strip club into the early morning hours.

The 21-year-old Manchester City player managed to score a goal in his teams 2-0 victory over Bolton while moving his club to five points clear at the top of the Premiere League table.

The Bolton matched happened almost 36 hours after Balotelli’s alleged trip to the strip club where he was spotted at 2am.

According to manager Roberto Mancini the only reason Mario was allowed to play in his teams Bolton game was because he didn’t learn of the infraction until he arrived at Etihad Stadium right before kick-off.

Balotelli has been hit with a number of team misdemeanours however Mancini defended his striker just several hours after he was excluded from the national squad.

Mancini and Balotelli will meet this week to discuss the possibility of fines up to two week’s in wages.

According to Mancini:

“Tomorrow I will speak with him because I am disappointed with him.

While Mario Balotelli scored one goal in his team’s victory Mancini revealed:

“If he got more sleep, he could have scored three or four goals.”

Do you think Balotelli’s $400,000 fine is excessive given that he scored a goal and his team won their match nearly 36 hours after the fact?