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Jon Hamm Called Out by Deadspin About Clemens Claim, Responds

Jon Hamm appeared on David Letterman’s show earlier this week, recounting his on-set injuries, dishing about the upcoming season of Mad Men, and talking about how he was intimidated by Roger Clemens playing baseball in college.

The last part was seized upon by Gawker blog Deadspin, and the site noted that when they worked out the dates, it wasn’t likely Hamm was at the University of Texas at the same time as Clemens. Deadspin called bullshit on Hamm’s claims, inviting Hamm’s flak to substantiate the actor’s story.

Hamm responded, providing a bit more info as to what he meant. He told Deadspin:

“I knew Clemens wasn’t attending UT while I was but he was the caliber of player that they attracted at that time. I certainly never “caught” Roger Clemens (and was not intending to convey that in the story I told) but have caught quite a few hard throwers. My point was simply I was way, WAY outclassed by the players at the elite level (Clemens, Swindell et. al.).”

Hamm continues:

“Believe me, Roger Clemens presence was still very much a part of UT baseball when I attended. I in no way meant to aggrandize my ability (in fact, I think I reference my “B-” ability in the interview). If anyone’s free Sunday mornings and hanging out in Valley Rec Centers, well first let me say I’m sorry for you, but secondly if you look behind the plate at the group of forty-somethings playing an approximation of baseball you’ll see exactly what I mean.”

He references the commenters, and also reveals that he was actually once a Deadspin commenter:

“I remain a fan of Deadspin (used to be a commenter in fact) and thank you guys (and the commenters) for my daily dose of sports info-tainment. And thanks for letting me clarify.”