Tim Burton’s “Frankenweenie” Revived

Tim Burton’s lovable 1984 Short Film is being re-made into a feature film, set to debut this October in both regular format, as well as becoming first stop-motion film in IMAX 3D. “Frankenweenie” is a film originally made by Burton when he worked for Disney, though he was reportedly fired for it, because it scared the kids.

Now, though, it will return with a vengeance, no longer a short film, but a feature-length one, about a boy named Victor Frankenstein, who loses Sparky, his beloved pet dog. Victor then decides, in true Dr. Frankenstein fashion, to resucitate his dog using science. The original live-action short included names like Barret Oliver, Shelley Duvall, Daniel Stern, (all from “The Neverending Story”), and also a young Sofia Coppola.

The new film will star actors like Winona Ryder, Cathering O’Hara, and Martin Short. It is a tribute by Tim Burton toward Mary Shelley’s classic “Frankenstein,” Where Dr. Frankenstein proves that he can bring a person back to life, only to create a so-called “monster.” In the case of Burton’s film, however, the “monster” is a bull terrior, a family pet who was the victim of an unfortunate car accident. Victor, in bringing Sparky back to life, creates a monster, which terrifies the neighbors. He must then work towards convincing these neightbors that, despite Sparky’s outward appearance (like the bolt sticking through his neck), Sparky really just wants to be loved.

Tim Burton’s latest film is likely to garner a following like that of his previous films (“Nightmare Before Christmas” and “Sweeney Todd” to name a couple). And, in true fashion of these previous films, we can also expect a level of sometimes twisted, yet sweet humor.

Check out the trailer for Tim Burton’s “Frankenweenie” here: