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Leah Remini Joins ABC Pilot


It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen former The Talk host Leah Remini doing her day job — comedy.

Well now, Inquisitr has learned that Leah Remini has joined an ABC comedy pilot called White Van Man. The strangely titled sitcom is based on the British show Van, which sees a man (Kyle Bornheimer) forced to put his dreams on hold to take care of his family’s handyman business with his father Tony (J.K. Simmons).

Where does Remini come into this, you ask? Well, Leah plays Terry, Tony’s sister who is described in the treatment for the show as a Patricia Clarkson-y type of character with a bohemian style for fashion. Tony is a man who still wants to run the business but because of a heart broken is forced to take a back seat, which is problematic when he wants to take the reigns, and it’s Terry who has to keep him in line.

A talented bunch of people will be joining behind the scenes, including Bobby Bowman (writer for Raising Hope), Mark Gordan, Andrea Shay, and Paul Buccieri with Michael Fresno on board to direct the single camera series for ABC studios.

This move comes after several months from Leah’s departure from the Sarah Gilbert run show The Talk and marks yet another return to comedy from a television vet.

What do you think about the show’s premise? Are you happy to see Leah Remini back on a comedy show? Sound off here!

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14 Responses to “Leah Remini Joins ABC Pilot”

  1. Dave Rodriguez

    I hope she does well. I reallly enjoyed her and Kevin James. I first saw her in Saved by the Bell. She's pretty hot and I think very funny.

  2. Jmark Ma

    She turned me off a little when she was passing out Scientology pamphlets to some of the shows audience. The studio finally told her to chill and she stopped. She was really funny in King of Queens but for me, she hasn't done much else that I like.

  3. Delicia Dawn Kouzeva

    I use to watch the talk, but now it has become a table of liberal women that all swing in the same direction, just like the rest of those types of shows. If you have a different opinion they all jump on you, or fire you. I too, wish Leah well on her new show, your a great talent. Oh and by the way, who the hell is Sharon Osborne, the wife of a old washed up devil worshiper. lol

  4. Russ Nelson

    I thnik if she left her mom at home sometimes she would still have a job on The Talk. Holly did the same thing, and they both were fired. Think About It!

  5. Carol Koziol

    Leah is a true talent. King of Queens ended way too early. I truly miss the show. That being said, I think she will shine at whatever she appears on. The talk show thing wasn't for you, Leah…especially with the other boring bitches you had to work with. You and Holly will do just fine without them! I still remember Leah going way back to "Saved by the Bell", but I think "Fired Up" is where I most remember her getting her start. I absolutely love her…I can relate to her personality in King of Queens…so real and so much like myself! lol Go Leah!

  6. Carol Topps Del Guidice

    I loved King of Queens too! I was just reading about Leah being fired from The Talk. I didn't realize. Saw the show once; I agree she can do a lot better.

  7. Sandy Schmitt

    I don't care for "The Talk" but love Leah Remini.. It was sad to see "King of Queens" leave the air, but am very, very happy to see Leah Remini get back to sitcom.. What a terrific actress! Love, love, love her.

  8. Anonymous

    Leah added spice to the Talk-I miss her there, and am not a huge fan of Sheryl Underwood-

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