Zac Efron’s Awkward Today Show Appearance

As reported earlier in the week by Inquisitr, Zac Efron turned more than a few heads when he dropped a condom at the premiere of his new kids film The Lorax.

Well, Matt Lauer, who seems to be interviewing everyone these days on the Today Show, couldn’t let the opportunity pass up to ask Efron just exactly what happened. The line of questioning turned a confident Efron into a shy, blushing 24 year-old, and made for a few paused silences during the interview, that was your standard promotional Q&A seconds prior.

Lauer jumped into an almost non existent transition by probing Efron with”there’s something else that brought a lot of attention to the movie at the premiere. Do you want to take me through what happened?” Awkwardly so, Zac Efron became bashful by saying,”I don’t really want to take you through it.”

However, Lauer wasn’t done chasing Efron down the rabbit hole of awkwardness by probing further, “you dropped something on the red carpet.” Zac without much of an option could only laugh the line of questioning off with, “I never really had a pocket checking policy prior to going on the red carpet before but now we fully instated one.”

Just in case viewing audiences didn’t know what he was talking about, Lauer stuttered out “you dropped a condom,” which had Zac Efron replying back that it was hard for Lauer to say the word and delved even further into awkward territory when Lauer changed the subject to Efron’s production company, and admitted twice that the word production company was a horrible pun.

Do you think Matt Lauer didn’t want to ask Zac Efron about the condom drop? Weigh in here and watch the video.

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