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Carol Burnett Snubs Joan Rivers in Awkward Public Spat [Video]

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Carol Burnett is one of the most beloved comediennes in the history of American television.

Known for The Caroll Burnett Show, her weekly variety/sketch show which won 23 Emmys in the 11 years it ruled the airwaves on Saturday nights, Burnett, 78, redefined comedy for woman on television.

From stage performances to TV sketches to starring in a number of films, Burnett has made it clear over the course of her entertainment career that she is extremely comfortable in front of the camera.

On Tuesday night, however, the legendary actress found herself in the middle of a public spat with Joan Rivers on “Joan Melissa: Joan Knows Best?” (Tues., 9 p.m. EST on WE) in a moment that can only be described as awkward.

Seeking a celebrity face to make a guest appearance at a charity event at her daughter Melissa’s son’s school, Joan cornered Burnett at a restaurant and went over to her table for a quick chat.

From the get-go, it was clear that Burnett wasn’t too excited to see Rivers. When Rivers hugged her hello, Burnett gave a “deer in the headlights” look as she braced for an uncomfortable conversation.

Burnett shot down Rivers’ attempts to get her to appear at the charity auction, saying that she was busy on the date it was scheduled. The uncomfortable conversation reached an apex when Rivers told Burnett she was detecting some animosity from her.

At that, Burnett got up from the table and explained why she was holding a grudge. “Hawaii!” she said, and stormed out of the restaurant.

Check out Carol Burnett and her awkward public spat with Joan Rivers in the video clip below and let us know: Do you think the two were really at odds or is the spat just another scripted “reality” drama?

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107 Responses to “Carol Burnett Snubs Joan Rivers in Awkward Public Spat [Video]”

  1. Anonymous

    You can tell that Carol is faking it at the end. Seriously. It's not real. If this article had any intention of representing the facts, that would not have been left out. Plus, Joan Rivers looks terrible with her additional plastic surgery. Carol looks like she has some done too, although not recently.

  2. Anonymous

    Susquehanna Hat Company? My husband was killed wearing a Susquehanna hat!

  3. Debbie Tracey

    I have to say I was confused when I saw that, at first I thought it was all a big stunt for the show but then when there was no follow up it seemed real and I was disappointed in Carol B for her behavior, so what happened in Hawaii?

  4. Bob Connell

    Joan Rivers is enough to give a dogs ass heartburn.

  5. Bob Connell

    Joan Rivers is enough to give a dogs ass heartburn.

  6. Diana Williford

    I abhor Joan Rivers and her presence on TV/in the media…she is a bad role model for women, not necessarily because she looks plastic, but because she is plastic and women do not need to bash each other in anyway…helps men discriminate against us.

  7. Kimberly Kinsella

    fake fake fake….just for promo fir joans show…..

  8. Cheryl Farretta


  9. Cheryl Farretta


  10. J.Byrd Hosch

    If it is real then I am with Carol Burnett all the way. Joan is a complete lunatic and she should leave Carol Burnett alone. Carol is a wonderful and sincere person that does not deserve any of Joan's bull!

  11. Patricia Heavey-Boskovski

    looks real to me! carol is a class act–we all know what joan is.

  12. Christiane Bagnato

    Somehow, this does not seem contrived to me…it was not a "scripted reality drama" at all. Carol is a great actress but this is real. I could feel it in my stomach! Good show Carol…better luck next time Joan!

  13. Jhen Kobran

    Carol Burnett is a legend that shouldn't have to stoop to speak to poodle-nose, pinch face, no-talent Joan Rivers. She should go back to letting that equally ugly and talentless Chelsea Handler suck up to her. Carol Burnett has talent and class, two things that Joan Rivers NEVER had and never will possess.

  14. John Nicoletti

    Joan Rivers and her daughter are two mean spirited individuals. Joan's daughter Melissa, is a non entity. what has she done? she is not an actress, singer, or comedian. she is riding on her mother's sleeve. A real bow wow, arf, arf.

  15. Rainbo Thorp

    I think it was scripted because the cameras were already set up and in place. And there were about three angles. SO, no. Not a real "dispute." Carol is just helping Joan out.

  16. Anonymous

    It was comedy that was acted out to be a spat. It clearly wasn't real. These two have been friends for many years and support each other. They both are funny and wonderful women.

  17. Jessie Weis

    It's not really any of our business why Carol is mad at Joan. And, if there really was something bad that Joan had done to Carol and this isn't a scripted thing (which it appeared to be to me), I think Carol behaved fine. You don't have to be nice and polite to anyone who does mean things to you. In fact, you shouldn't.

  18. Glenda Free

    It was very obvious that the Carol Burnett and Joan Rivers thing was very scripted—-Carols husband was playing his part, also. I wish it had been for real, because I love Carol Burnett and would love to see her get the best of Joan Rivers!

  19. John Looker

    YOU were disappointed in CAROL? I doubt that Carol Burnett could give a fat babies ass if you're disappointed or not! Carol is a thousand times the lady Joan and/or her worthless daughter will EVER be!

  20. Anonymous

    Joan Rivers always was and always will be an arrogant despicable human being. How she ever made it into the entertainment world only the devil knows. Anyone who supports her or her television program, no doubt, is exactly like her. A possible pimple on Ms. Burnett's butt is far better than rivers.

  21. Jeff Light

    Didn't any of you people watch the entire show? Earlier in the episode Melissa confronted Joan about the little incident in Hawaii when Melissa was like 8. Joan pushed Carol into the water where she was stung by a stingray. I guess Joan never apoligized and the way she acted on Tuesday, her attitude is typically that she never does anything wrong.

  22. Mark Adams

    Who is naive enough to think this is real? This is Carol Burnett acting. She is a classic comedian. Remember Eunice? Miss Wiggins? I wish she would do a sitcom or a variety show!

  23. Donna Swanson

    Joan Rivers is an insensitive excuse for a woman. I hated her the first time I saw/heard her. She can say the most God awful things about people and think nothing of it. Her dirty mouth is just stupid. My hatred of her began with the way she kept torturing Liz Taylor long ago. She was just appalling on Celebrity Apprentice where her real vicious personality really showed. Uggg! and those ugly faces she keeps making. If she thinks that's cute she is delusional!

  24. Dan Barcan

    Joan Rivers miss cat woman of her generation with her 75 surgeries and horrible facelfts that make her look like that ugly cat woman and her untalented leach of a daughter are both what I define as annoying…enough said?,,,, DAN BARCAN/NEW JERSEY/USA1! Go Carol!

  25. Anonymous

    The difference between Carol Burnett and Joan Rivers? Carol Burnett is human. (and funny)

  26. Marjie Nagle

    how dare she even TOUCH Carol Burnett! Joan Rivers is a mess. A bitter, self pitying, neurotic, jealous perpetual victim and I see that in her daughter too.. It makes sense that classy Carol froze when rivers hugged her.

  27. Eydie Sanders

    well, I don't know went on in Hawaii but I love carol burnette and I really find rivers abhorrent, so I'm on carol's side.

  28. Eydie Sanders

    well, I don't know went on in Hawaii but I love carol burnette and I really find rivers abhorrent, so I'm on carol's side.

  29. Eydie Sanders

    well, I don't know went on in Hawaii but I love carol burnette and I really find rivers abhorrent, so I'm on carol's side.

  30. Julie Moskal

    You said it Diana! People like her and that Wendy Williams 'dumb' us down and make us all look as though we're still only interested in things women would talk about in ancient quilting circles! The physical brainwashing is another point! The day I hear a man say, "Does this make me look fat?" is the day I KNOW we're all equal! Hail Carol Burnett!

  31. Donna Gerhard

    I agree with everyone, joan rivers is a bad mouth so called celebrity, and that scene between Carol Burnett was REAL. Carol is a kind person on and off, and for her to do that to RIVERS it had to be bad and I am glad Carol said NO in a nice way at first and stupid RIVERS did not take NO for an answer and it got bad..i feel bad for Mellissa she has her hands full, my own mother, I feel bad for her, people who meet my mother says, she looks like Joan Rivers, I said my mother is nothing like Rivers and does not even come close to looking liike her! go get your eyes checked.

  32. Donna Gerhard

    Jane Moore Sexton thank you Carol is far better than joan, i grew up watching Carol Burnett show it was plain clean funny show a( parents dream) for children to watch on TV.I would laugh so hard every week, that it was hard to go to sleep for schooll the next day. CLEAN COMEDY!!!THOSE WERE THE GOOD DAYS.

  33. Donna Gerhard

    Jane Moore Sexton thank you Carol is far better than joan, i grew up watching Carol Burnett show it was plain clean funny show a( parents dream) for children to watch on TV.I would laugh so hard every week, that it was hard to go to sleep for schooll the next day. CLEAN COMEDY!!!THOSE WERE THE GOOD DAYS.

  34. Donna Gerhard

    Really! that was not and act i know Carol.And Joan did do something to Carol. Rivers is so old she can not remember anything. to many face jobs

  35. Cloudy Knight

    Donna Gerhard – So you had school on Sunday? Because the show was on Saturday nights, after great comedies like All in the Family, Mary Tyler Moore and The Bob Newhart Show.

  36. Janet F Cox

    I seriously doubt that Carol Burnett was blind sided. She is an actress after all. Arrangements about salary etc had to be prearranged. Every one appearing on these shows are paid very well.

  37. Mary Riley

    Yeah for Carol Burnett. I don't like Joan Rivers. Did anyone see her on Letterman show when she saw talked about the dogs that wore shown on a Humane Society commercial and how bad they looked from being abused. For some strange reason she thought it would be funny to say she then.

  38. Mary Riley

    abused her dog and took it to the vet, but had killed it. Letterman said lets just be sure that everyone has your e-mail address and not mine. Her humor is sick and so is she.

  39. William Haydon

    if you watch the video on, in the description of the video it says that carol hasn´t forgiven joan for ruining a family vacation years ago. seems obviously scripted to me… am surprised so many are taking it seriously….

  40. William Haydon

    Cheryl Farretta in the program description it says that carol is mad at joan for ruining a family vacation… if joan had actually offended the memory of carol's daughter i don't believe carol would have spoken to her at all…

  41. Carol Johnson

    Melissa Rivers Said that when she was about Eight years old .she,joan,and carol burnett were in Hawaii and joan Rivers pushed Carol burnett in the water and Carol Burnett got stung by a jellyfish and since then Carol has been angry at Joan.

  42. Donna Gerhard

    Cloudy Knight Yes i had school on Sunday,but,remember the shows use to be on Saturdays and i had school on Sunday. all the shows moved to Sundays and Monday nights like Laugh In and school the next day.where i lived school days were not monday to friday. we had school on Saturdays and every other Sunday!!!! i had to be in bed by 9p.m. but myparent let me stay up!!!!!!!

  43. Donna Gerhard

    William Haydon Sorry, i know it was not scripted,i work for these people, comedy reality shows, i know Carol.and i saw the look on her face… i know what really happened and i am silent to tell anyone,once again if you think it was scripted, Carol would not be able to act or contain herself to laugh on cue! she was shocked and mad..

  44. Ron Mercurio Esperanza Pascual

    Obviously the cameras were in place before Joan Rivers got there so that would definetly make it seem staged to me. Wether the "animosity" as Joan called is real, I don't know. I actually like both Joan and Carol, grew up watching them both on TV. Stranger things have happened in Hollywood, I doubt that this is anything too serious!

  45. William Haydon

    Donna Gerhard sure donna, carol is your best friend and confidante. yeah we believe you. i worked in hollywood for many years, have met endless celebrities, producers, editors and the like, so i have a pretty good idea how the industry works. i understand it makes for better entertainment if people think it could be real, but this thing smacks of set-up. you can continue to rebut my assessment but you are wasting your time since you offer no proof whatsoever and lack credibility. go back to your high school where you can be the clever one.

  46. William Haydon

    Donna Gerhard maybe, donna, that backwards, country-style education of yours explains your need to contradict everyone else here in spite of your lack of proof, logic or solid reasoning….

  47. William Haydon

    Donna Gerhard like most internet blowhards, you know nothing…. but keep on posting asinine statements to convince yourself otherwise….. the fact that you post thank yous to the few people who agree with you shows how desperate you are for validation. Lame!

  48. Anonymous

    @ Julie – No one has to dumb you down, you are dumb for not knowing that Joan Rivers and Carol Burnett were ACTING. It was stage you dumb ass

  49. George Blake

    Carol Burnett can do stand-up, on the fly and unscripted what it would take Joan Rivers months to rehearse. Kudos to Carol Burnett. Angst to Joan Rivers.

  50. Sandie Urias

    Good Grief…… if anything happened in Hawaii over 30 years ago…. let it go….. It was very obvious that it was "SCRIPTED"…. nothing wrong with that…. two great comedians doing their thing…. granted they are two DIFFERENT kinds of comedians but nonethe less they are both funny in their own way……. I love Carol Burnet and grew up with her…….. I have come to know Joan Rivers a little better watching this show and reading about her tragic loss of her husband……. She clearly loves her daugther Melissa and her grandson Cooper……. My advice…. if you don't like Joan then DON'T watch the show plain and simple……. anywhooooo……… NEXT…….lol

  51. Laura Garcia-Peralto

    Yea, that was soooo scripted like you said. 😉

  52. Valerie Christine

    I love the Joan Rivers show. She is actually awesome

  53. Carol Hartford

    I just cannot see Burnett being in some kind of fake confrontation. Rivers? Yes. She stopped being funny and original years ago. Now she is just crude. And she thinks this makes up for what she can no longer do. She is past her prime. She needs to simply retire or at the least, keep quiet. As for Melissa, she rode in on her mothers coat tail, and has nothing going for her but nerve. Of course in the entertainment business, that is often enough.

  54. Grady Nelson

    Carol Burnett was , and still is the funniest female comic ever. I too grew up on the Carol Burnett show. Wow, what "clean"memories…..

  55. Paula Qualls Gurley

    No, you don't have to get someone's permission when they are out in public. Shows like TMZ harrass, photograph and film people against their will all the time. I haven't seen the video, but I do know that celebs are taped all the time by paparazzi and they don't give any permission!

  56. Paula Qualls Gurley

    Joan Rivers already dried up, now she just needs to blow away and take her talentless daughter with her.

  57. Amanda Zinkerman

    I don't blame Carol; I don't like Joan at all, she's had WAY too much plastic surgery and looks completely fake. But on top of that, all she's known for is her constant gossip and drama. Also, Carol is a wonderful comedian and entertainer, and actress, and so was Joan-until she stooped as low as what she does today. She's not even known for her true talents anymore, like what she's done in the 60s and 70s. Carole is way better, and a more real and kind-hearted person.

  58. Milton Stern

    I saw Carol's latest one woman show, she does nothing anymore unless it is staged. She had plants in the audience. If Carol was really mad, she would have asked for Joan's cameras to be turned off.

  59. Cheryl Farretta

    William Haydon you know what happened? I watched it today, Apparently, they were on vacation when Meliissa was 8, in Hawaii., Joan pushed Carol in the ocean, and she got stung by a jellyfish, so you are right, but no, it wasnt staged. Carol Burnett was right up there with Lucile Ball. Joanis more crass, no class.

  60. Eileen Chrisman Fry

    I love Carol and I love Joan. This was staged and funny. Carol wouldn't have agreed to do it unless she loved Joan too. BTW.. Joan is a very good role model for women. She's survived all thses yrs in Hollywood and is a tremendously successful businesswoman.

  61. Donnalynn Gerhard

    William Haydon shut up,you are the blowhards,who know nothing which makes u a jackass and my asinine statements makes you look like the idot that you are.Who made you a Judge? You jerk, you are the lame one not me,and you just made yourself look like the biggest FOOL on the planet.SHAME ON YOU!!

  62. Harry Hardwick

    I am appalled by how mean-spirited and, to put it delicately, "not so bright," a number of you are. Carol Burnett has admitted the whole thing was a set-up. Donna, why would you misrepresent that you know this couldn't have been staged. For goodness' sake, the whole thing was set up by a mutual friend. They did two takes. Carol and Joan are great friends. Joan appeared on Carol's variety show three times. In the early 1980s, Joan was the funniest (and number one) comedian in the world. You guys are either very young or just very cruel.

  63. ER Rom

    I disagree. Joan is an example of a hard working woman. She is funny, its comedy. She has been working for a very long time and is if that sets a bad example then it makes me understand why this country is going downhill.

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