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Disney Closes Habit Heroes Exhibit Over Obesity Outrage

Habit Heros Exhibit

Disneyworld came under attack by the PC police and had to close their new Habit Heroes exhibit at Epcot. The exhibit was supposed to help encourage children to make healthy eating choices but instead wound up being very insensitive to obese people.

Habit Heroes featured really in shape superheroes, named Will Power and Callie Stenics, The bad guys they were fighting were fat creatures named The Glutton, Snacker and Lead Bottom.

the exhibit opened less than a month ago and Disney has already announced they are closing it. The Canadian Obesity network claims it should have never been opened in the first place.

Dr. Arya Sharma, Scientific Director at the Canadian Obesity Network, said,

“It reinforces all the stereotypes that people who are obese are lazy, don’t move, need a kick in the butt to get active, need to get their act together, and (they) can be shamed and blamed for not doing it.”

Sharma says obesity is a complex chronic disease and isn’t just about poor choices. Additional factors for obesity include using food as an emotional coping strategy, taking certain medications, and genetics.

“There are a lot of people who have excess weight. who eat as healthy or unhealthy as other people. There are a lot of people who have excess weight who exercise regularly.”

Experts are saying that the worst part about the exhibit is that it focuses on children and in an age where bullying is front and center there are certain types of encouragement bullies do not need.

Marty Enokson says just seeing the pictures brought back terrible memories for him. Enokson says he was bullied as a child because of his weight and became addicted to food.

“You know, fat people, fat children are not allowed to wish upon a star because you have bad habits and that’s what it’s saying to me.”

Do you think Disney should try to be a little more sensitive to childhood obesity when opening exhibits?

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17 Responses to “Disney Closes Habit Heroes Exhibit Over Obesity Outrage”

  1. Randi L. Levin

    Disney should be ashamed of themselves for even considering such a display! Disney is going down due to lack of creativity and poor leadership—–this was just an example of how inconsiderate and rude Disney has become!

  2. Bruce Wallin

    We as a society are so jacked up! Overweight people don't want to face the truth that excuses enable this unhealthy way of life! Calories in minus calories used is the math leftover is excess stored as fat, the experts who make a living at side steping the truth with "chronic illness or medications causing" are no help either. PUT THE FORK DOWN. Smokers same story, they don't want to be told its health risks, killing them, and bad for those arount including their kids. Disney tried to educate the kids(since clearly the parents are failing at this) and the Overweight adults had a pitty party over some perceived lack of sensitivity. These parents are the ones killing their kids with food, first in the all you can eat buffet lines or supersize at the fast food joints. Cant wait for the lawers to get in on the party! Mark my words, some Obese kid with health issues will SUE their parents for poor parenting. Is it a form of child abuse? Do we as a society really care? or does the GOVMT really only care because ofassociated health care costs? Mr Levin you are way off mark. Your position rings of making a living fanning the flames of this very inflamatory topic. Oh, BTW, I am NOT a fat hater, nor am I a health nut. I just know that reality is far to the left from most "experts" position, as frankly, there is no money in it to speak the truth!

  3. Taylor Bufkin

    I think it's a great teaching tool for children. If parents won't help kids stat active and healthy, then why not Disney? Disney has created characters that are role models. That's what kids need.

  4. James Taylor

    well the truth hurts, why hide behind excuse's for reasons why you are obese……there are so many tools in today's world to prevent obesity…..healthier diet, exercise, surgery…..there are also many other ways to go about mental obesity like eating when depressed or for comfort….seek a therapist. what I am understanding from reading this is all the obese people that went to Disney and saw this felt insulted because their lazy, unhealthy and mentally ill butt got a reality check when they saw this. like I said earlier, truth hurts and there is no reason in today's world why you should be obese and unhealthy…..if anything they should get rid of all the unhealthy food at those parks. I feel insulted when I go there and see a obese person chowing down on ice cream and Twinkies…..not that they have Twinkies but you get my point.

  5. Roxy Heart

    obese children are going to be bullied regardless of this exhibit so I don't see that as a reason to take it down. Younger children in new generations will have the influence of these new superheroes and could benefit from them in their future. I think this just reminds obese people of their condition and makes them upset because they haven't changed it. There are so many tools out there and it takes alot of hard work and will power, just like if you were quitting a drug, but many people cannot deny themselves the instant gratification. Help yourselves instead of putting your time and energy into closing this exhibit.

  6. Anonymous

    You seriously believe that Disney should step in and be a teaching tool for children? Especially like this? It's vilifying the kids & putting the blame in the wrong hands.

  7. Rainbo Thorp

    Wow. I guess you feel, James Taylor, that obese people must not own a mirror, and therefore, it's YOURS and every other unkind person's job to let "THAT TRUTH BE TOLD EVEN IF IT HURTS." Yes, better, healthier lifestyle changes are in order, but that is if for their doctor and parent to recommend – not Disney or you. I don't subscribe to "KICK A FAT KID WHILE HE'S DOWN BECAUSE HE"S LAZY AND USELESS" philosophy. I don't like cruel-hearted bullies in ANY size. As far as the exhibit goes, I don't see the exhibit as harmful, but I don't let a Disney cartoon raise my kid, and therefore don't support it, either. It's not as though the Disney PRINCESS image is a healthy one for girls, either. Since when does Disney set the bar for role modeling?

  8. Henry S.

    IMHO, there is nothing worse for someone's psyche, let alone a developing child's psyche than constant praise without a reality check: "You can be whoever you want to be" "Oh darling you were great, you sing amazingly!" "You're beautiful no matter what anyone says!". Skip ten years and you see people whose hopes and dreams come crashing down as when they leave their parents' protective households and come running straight into the brick wall that is reality. While I didn't actually SEE this exhibit, I see nothing wrong with honesty and reality for children, especially if they are old enough to understand certain concepts.

    However, rising obesity rates in children REALLY comes from parents wanting someone else to do the hard work of raising their kids (actually they want someone else to say "no", they're too lazy or non-confrontational to say it themselves), and spend too much time either ignoring them or wanting to be their "friend" instead of parent (Think the South Park: Eric Cartman whisperer episode).

  9. D'Vine Daiquiri

    I believed that Disney had the right intention but quite ineffective approach of conveying their message. Most people were rather offended by their exhibits. Though I don't think that Disney deserves to be criticized for pointing out the major causes of OBESITY. I agree with James Taylor below. The reluctancy to accept the truth has lead to a vast majority of obese kids. Our children don't know any better unless we teach and show them the right ways to be healthy. My three boys always look up to their favorite Marvel characters and are deeply encouraged to stay fit and healthy.

  10. Brittany Heath

    lets see hmmm disney characters, tarzan was half naked running around wild, cinderella snuck out after she wasnt suppose to disobeying her step mother, snow white lived and slept in the beds of 7 dwarfs, bambis mom was shot ande all know ended up on a wall mount, aladdin was a kleptomaniac, lady dated a tramp, 101 dalmations showed the fur trade with puppies as targets, belle from beauty and the beast was obviously into beastiality…no I'm not saying that's exactly what I think of the movies, however look at anything at a angle and you can see a negative side. so guess since this was offensive we need to take all these movies and themes out of disney to…

  11. Peter G Lesperance

    Yes Henry S. I agree I don't see nothing wrong with this exhibit either Fat is becoming an enemy of our children and something drastic needs to be done and I think Disney had the courage to do it first and they should have been allowed to keep it open. Shock and awe may be the only way to get through to the kids and especially some parents.I think forcing the closure is wrong and would this not be against freedom of speech or freedom of art or something of that nature?

  12. Chandler Desrochers

    Henry S. Phineas and Ferb. Everything else sucks.

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