Construction Crane Falls On Dallas Museum Of Art

Construction Crane Accident Hiding In Plain Sight At Museum

A construction crane accident hid in plain sight at the Dallas Museum of Art. As a place of artistic expression, people thought it was another exhibit.

However far from being an museum addition, the crane attracted a lot of people. Several were tourists, yet there were locals astonished by the “work of art,” as well. Nevertheless, those who were aware of what actually happened did express concern.

It happened on April 3, 2015. And while it could’ve been far worse, there were no serious injuries reported.

Nevertheless, the verdict is still out on whether or not it was operator error which caused the accident. It’s reported that it took approximately three hours to remove the construction crane, safely, from the museum’s south wall.

Though some art makes surfaces appear effected, the museum’s material was genuinely broken, creating slight structural damage. This can be seen from pictures captured at different angles.

Construction teams were contracted to build a large, metal-framed tent for the museum, as it was to host a special art ball. Yet, after the construction crane was safely returned to the ground and the museum roofing secured, the functionality resumed as normal.

According to CBS News, OSHA released the names of the construction companies under investigation with the incident: Crocker Crane and McIntyre Crane. Also, during a brief interview with Maxwell Anderson, the museum’s director, he gave a few words regarding the operator condition.

“Our first concern was the safety of the crane operator. He seems to be fine. He’s at Baylor and seems to be doing fine.”

As the museum returned to normal operation, there was actually a naturalization ceremony scheduled for April 6, which took place as planned. During this ceremony, the United States welcomed 50 new, sworn-in citizens. Some made light of the crane accident and the upcoming event, saying that it was a great way to welcome the country’s newest members.

All in all, it was an interest day of events at the Dallas Museum of Art.

What are your thoughts about the event? Would you have thought it was just another exhibit?

[Photo Credits: Gallo Images | Getty Images Sport]