Hannity guest storms off

‘Hannity’ Guest Storms Off: Civil Rights Attorney Gets Heated During ‘Killer Cop’ Debate, Storms Off

A Hannity guest storms off the set after an argument about “killer cop” Michael Slager got extremely heated. According to The Blaze, Sean Hannity tried to settle civil rights attorney Leo Terrell and Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson who didn’t see eye to eye on the case.

“In America you are innocent until proven guilty, and right now, Sean, white officers are under attack by angry black folks in this country, and when they’re stopped by these officers they’re not listening, they’re not obeying the authority of the police officers,” stated Peterson.

“But he’s given them a bad name!” Hannity countered.

“We don’t know what the evidence is!” Peterson fired back.

And then Leo Terrell stated his opinion, agreeing with Hannity.

“This is the second time in Fox News cable that you and I, Sean Hannity, agree. Jesse Lee Peterson is the only man on the face of this earth who is talking about everything else but the unlawful shooting of this man. … And for you to come on this show as a black man and to say somehow– to justify this shooting, you are an embarrassment to the world right now! The whole world is looking at how stupid you are! This is embarrassing. You are embarrassing,” said Terrell.

Moments later, the Hannity guest stormed off the set, unable to continue being a part of the argument on air. The three men were discussion last weekend’s Walter Scott shooting which involved an unarmed African American male being shot several times by a white police officer. According to The Wrap, Slager has been fired from his job as a police officer, and has been charged with murder.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Slager’s original defense seemed to be that he grabbed the wrong gun — that he was actually reaching for his stun gun, but he grabbed his actual gun by mistake. The man that he hired as his attorney that made this statement is no longer representing Slager.

An anonymous witness caught Slager’s acts on video, and those who have watched it have taken all different sides. While most people are extremely bothered with what they have seen, others — like Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson — think that there may be more to the story, and that former Officer Slager could be innocent. Terrell felt as though Peterson was defending the officer, but it’s a stand that many people seem to be taking given what has been going on in the United States lately.

Do you think Peterson has a point? Do you blame Terrell for storming off during Hannity?

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