Just One Can Of Diet Coke A Day Makes You Fat, Study Claims

Even though most people who drink Diet Coke think that, despite the aspartame, they are not gaining weight due to the low calorie count in the soft drink, a new study is suggesting that, in fact, Diet Coke makes you fat.

The new study, carried out by scientists at the University of Texas, studied 749 participants over the course of just under a decade, and found that those who consumed just one can of Diet Coke per day gained an average of three inches on their waistlines.

Dr Sharon Fowler, one of the study’s lead authors, told reporters.

“Because the study measured waist circumference as well as total weight, we were able to look at what happened to participants’ abdominal obesity. The increases in abdominal fat were more than three times as great in daily diet soda users as in non-users. This is during the very time in life when increasing waist circumference is associated with increased risk of these serious medical conditions, and mortality itself.”

Back in 2008, another study found that people who drink diet beverages gained weight, on the whole, in the long-term.

Another senior author of the study, Dr. Hazuda, said, “Even when you adjust for those things, you have this independent effect of diet soda consumption on waist circumference change over time.”

Meanwhile, Fowler added, “There is definitely debate about whether the association between diet soda intake and cardiometabolic risk, which has been detected in several large observational studies, is based on an actual causal relationship. We are simply reporting the statistical association we found: that, over almost a decade, waist circumference increased significantly, in a dose-response manner, with increasing diet soda intake in this group of older individuals.”

And the new study is not by any means alone in its findings. As Dr Fowler added, “These results are consistent with findings from a number of other observational studies of increased long-term risk of diabetes, heart attack, stroke and other major medical problems among daily diet soda users.”

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