Mother In Critical Condition After Saving Baby From Spooked Horse

A mother in Arizona risked everything to save her baby boy from an out-of-control horse. An eyewitness described the mother’s quick thinking as “heart-breaking,” and she’s now in critical condition. The baby is fine, except for a few minor scraps.

According to local ABC15, the eye-witness, Richard Garcia, was coming into his driveway when he saw a horse barreling out of control with a carriage attached. The carriage had three passengers, including a mother and baby boy.

To protect the child from what could have been a fatal crash on the road, the mother jumped, sacrificing her body to protect the infant as she slid down a gravel slope.

Garcia claims he saw the entire thing.

“I thought, ‘oh my God, I can’t even believe she just jumped,'”

He drove to the woman, who was later identified as Jaimy Tillie. At first, Garcia thought the object in Tillie’s arms was a backpack, but once he realized it was a baby, he was shocked.

“He reached out and it just broke my heart right then and there so I picked him up and made sure he wasn’t hurt.”

Neighbors ran to get help, while Garcia stayed by Tillie’s side.

“His mom risked her own life to save that little baby, she’s a hero.”

The mother is now in the local hospital fighting to stay alive, and the baby boy is fine.

It’s not clear what startled the horse and started the dangerous situation.

Jaimy Tillie isn’t the only heroic mother in the news. The Los Angeles Times reported last month that another mom, Chyemil Pierce, gave her life to defend her children from a violent shooting in Oakland that broke out in front of her daycare center.

The woman ran towards her children, a seven-year-old son and a nine-year-old daughter. The kids luckily made it to cover and avoided the danger.

Likewise, in another story covered by the Inquisitr, one mother sacrificed her right eye after a rare form of cancer threatened to spread to the fetus inside her.

Of course, too many hero stories and headlines can be misleading. As the Huffington Post reported, mothers kill their own children far more than most people realize too.

Nevertheless, in Arizona, one heroic woman is still in the hospital. Jaimy Tillie’s mother, who was the third passenger in the horse carriage, is waiting to hear the doctors’ recommendations for continuing Jaimy’s care.

The grandmother reportedly stayed in the horse carriage and eventually got off safely to run to her daughter’s side and check on the baby.

[Image Credit: Getty Images]