David Cameron eats a hot dog the posh way

David Cameron Eats A Hot Dog Mr. Pitt-Style, And The Internet Is Miffed

British Prime Minister David Cameron can trace his lineage to royalty. And evidently, royalty eats their hot dogs with a knife and fork – not with their fingers like us knuckle-dragging commoners. At least that’s how people feel in Britain after photos emerged of Cameron munching on a hot dog one posh bit at a time — and skewered on the end of a fork.

But historically, this is apparently how the royals do it – according to the Washington Post, President Franklin Roosevelt served King George and Queen Elizabeth hot dogs during a 1939 visit. The king dug in with his mitts, while the queen delicately nibbled with knife and fork.

This isn’t David Cameron‘s first run in with a hot dog, and we have the Daily Mail to thank for a brief history. In 2010, David took his sausage without onions in New York, causing a snafu. Two years later, he got confused and tried to eat one sideways with President Obama. And after that, he chose ketchup to adorn his hot dog and not mustard – American’s preferred condiment.

Why on Earth does all this matter? A little context is needed to understand.

Brits have quipped that David Cameron is currently “eating his way around Britain in a bid to woo voters” – he’s up for re-election in May and its neck in neck, the Post reported. The event at which the hot dog incident took place was called “Money Back Monday,” a barbecue in Dorest. There he met with people who’d reaped the benefits of recent tax reform.

David Cameron’s job is to convince voters that he’s a normal guy – he eats his food just like the commoner down the street, he’s relatable and so he should run the country. Except Cameron is anything but normal. Cameron is the epitome of posh. So as soon as the photo of this snauf emerged, people were quick to jump on him.

And here’s the proof: David is a stockbroker’s son, can trace his family line to the royals, went to school at upper-crust Eton College and then Oxford. And he’s not denying any of it – telling the Mail that yes, he is indeed quite posh and he’s not going to apologize.

“I went to a very posh school, I had a very privileged upbringing with parents who were incredibly loving and brilliant. I’ve never tried to hide that, I’m not going to change my accent or talk in a different way.”

Let’s just hope that the next time David Cameron has a run with the common man’s food, he finally learns how to eat it right.

[Photo Courtesy YouTube Screengrab]